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September 22, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Great to meet you too Devon! So nice you were out with your support crew. Tami--I don't know if glowing is the right word, but I'll take it ;) Nicely put Sarah--we really are all connected. We speak the same language and have different versions of the same story. It's kind of incredible to be able to emotionally connect better with people I've never met before than people I've known for years. Hey Jojo! Thanks! Noah's been hitting the gym twice as hard to make up for my lack of exercise so if anyone is looking good right now it's him. A few good eggs--I hope times flies but honestly I feel like it's all moving at a snails pace!

A Few Good Eggs

Maya, you look great and congratulations on 13 weeks! I hope the time flies between now and 10/20.


You look beautiful- as does Momo. Noah isn't too bad either :). Love reading your updates! Xoxo


I think one of the most amazing things I have learned from my time on IF island (I guess I have one foot on and one off at this point) is how connected we really are. It took something like this for me to be truly vulnerable with more people around me, and I have realized how not alone I really am. I am so glad to feel that, and thanks for being one of those people who has helped me feel that way! Congratulations to you, Noah and Momo for reaching 13 weeks too, that is so exciting!


Yes Maya you look fabulous and are GLOWING! Great update :} Glad you all had an amazing day at the Resolve Walk of Hope. Community is so important! Have a great week,and sending much love.


Hi Maya! It was great to meet you yesterday, I probably could've talked to you forever about IF island. It was such a great walk and it is so very true, that we are not alone! Knowing that this community is out there is amazing! I love to hear that Momo is dancing & I just want you to know you look fabulous.

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