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September 19, 2014


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This was the post I'd been wanting to read. You guys rock. I'm so happy you've made it and it gives us all hope to persevere.


Oh my this is a beautiful post..
So happy for you. You guys give us all hope and we are all whooping for joy for you!

Lindsay Monnier

Beautifully written Noah! I am so happy for you and Maya!


Maya and Noah, This is the blog I read to fight negative thoughts and keep my sanity during this tough IF journey. May all your dreams come true.


What a sweet post ...you guys deserve all the smiles in this exciting time. That's what keeps the rest of us going - holding out hope to have these moments! I think the IF community is one in which you are members for life (even when the circumstances change) because we go through so many painful low points and get knocked down so many times that sometimes leaning on eachother is the only way to pick ourselves back up. Sending much love and thanks to you guys for giving me hope...


Keep smiling and stay positive! You both deserve an eternity of happiness with your sweet girl!

Katrine // Norway

You (both) definitely deserve to smile!!! -without feeling bad about it!:) I am so happy for you guys, and I can only hope to feel the same joy some day soon too:)


Yay!!! Keep smiling Noah!!


This will ALWAYS be your community because it will always be a part of your story. That is what makes it all the sweeter. The one thing I keep telling myself as my husband and I go through this, is how much I am certain I will appreciate becoming a parent, however and whenever that happens. Not to say that those who don't go through infertility don't appreciate it; but I think the upside about infertility if there could be one would be that it makes moments like what you just described so much crisper in detail, so much sweeter. A friend of mine who has gone through this and come out the other side with twins once told me: "Infertility is like a giant mountain. The mountain never disappears; you just eventually get further and further away from it." Eventually it becomes this thing that is still an important part of your landscape, but it isn't ALL of your landscape.I am so happy for you guys, and as one of your readers, it is joyful for me to read that you are both able to feel happiness for this. (And GO HAWKS!)


So happy for you guys!

Love from Brooklyn!


Made me tear up. So happy for you guys. Can't wait to see and support the doc!


Noah! So glad you're smiling. I'm actually at Sunset Kaiser right now having just finished an IUI. I too hope to be smiling ear to ear soon. Third time's the charm. I have to believe that!

Thank you for all you and Maya have done. You guys have no idea.

Keep the posts coming. I think I speak for all of us here that read your blog when I say we all feel a super bond and connection with you. I can't wait for the documentary!

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