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September 15, 2014


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It is all about trusting your body, Noah is right! In all honesty, I think that it's something we share with other moms-to-be - even those who haven't struggled with infertility. Those of us who have been on IF Island will naturally have a stronger case of anxiety, but a friend of mine who got pregnant without an issue and recently had a baby told me that she would always have a moment of panic before a regular appointment. I think it's just that motherly instinct kicking in - you want everything to be OK with your child.
And, from what I hear from many, many mothers, that tendency to worry doesn't go away after you have a healthy baby and can count fingers and toes. It stays with you long after they're grown and have families of their own. So, deep breaths! Easier said than done, but being happy and optimistic rather than stressed is the absolute best thing you can do for little Momo (well, in addition to eating healthy and taking your prenatals.) :)

Don't Count Your Eggs

Good luck on Friday Anita! Ugh. The wait is terrible. I hope you get better news this time. Jojo! Thanks for sharing. I was reading that you're supposed to feel better when off the meds but I def don't. Feels like I'm following in your footsteps a little with all this, but I'm a Honey Nut Cheerios kinda gal! Brooke, thanks to you too for making me feel this is normal. I hear ya on the N.I.M. I have them daily. Love to everyone!


I so agree with how negativity becomes a part of you in the IF island. I have my beta test on this coming Friday and I dread it, with 4 negatives under my belt in the past. I have been so depressed this time, and always on the verge of melt-downs.
It is so nice to read your story, Maya. May luck and happiness stay with you.


When I got off progesterone I felt so sick all I could eat was cocoa puffs (?!?!). So glad you have Noah to be your voice of reason and your body know what it is doing. You are growing and cuddling Momo to get her ready for an amazing life. Thinking of you and hope the days go by fast. Xoxo

Brooke Madera

I definitely felt sick for a little bit after I got off progesterone. I don't know if this is the totally "normal" way to respond to it, or even if it was the progesterone for sure, but I think it just took me a week or two to feel back to normal. Try not to let the stress get to you too much. I ended up begging for an ultrasound just to make sure there was still a baby after the progesterone was ended. Neurotic Infertile Moment :) Take Care!

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