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October 13, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

MLAACS-- I think I can blame the hormones a little for sure, and being alone for much of the day does NOT help. I hope your nausea has gotten better. 19 weeks! That's exciting. Rest up Claire! Two in and six to test! That sounds promising. I know this waiting period id the worst, but the days will go by and hopefully you;ll have some good news soon. Fingers crossed for you.


Hi Maya,
I'm home also on a kind if bed rest after an emybro transfer yesterday. We are doing PGS but one frozen and one fresh we're not able to be biopsied, so they transferred them. They are both blasts, so it's still very positive. We were able to send 6 out for testing and will find out next week. I love reading your blog and hope you have a new post coming out today. It's hard to stay positive with two losses this past year, but it's better than being miserable all day. I don't think this time I'll use the P word until I hear a heart beat. How is that for positive thinking?

My Life As A Case Study

Hey Maya, I'm 19 weeks now and I've noticed I've become more impatient/intolerant, easily agitated and quicker to snap when people are being obnoxious. So, maybe it's hormones? Plus I've spent a lot of time feeling isolated during my pregnancy and that doesn't help. XO

Don't Count Your Eggs

Ahhh Meliss! I'm so frustrated for you. I can't imagine how you feel. What is the doctor saying about why your lining is so resistant? You're being smart to not just push forward because you want the best chance, but seriously? I'm sorry. I wish there was a magic delicious fruit you could eat to get that thick beautiful lining. Your embryos will wait for your body. They're gearing up to get snuggly and warm. Hopefully they can come home soon. Keep us posted. And good luck. Lisa, I hope today is better for you and you're moving forward with a good plan. Fingers crossed for you.


I had no problem with your post Maya and didn't think you were meaning to complain on purpose or anything! Like you said we all have our emotions and frustrations in every part of this journey!


Sorry to hear about the frustrations- it's bound to happen to anyone on bedrest! I'm not on bedrest and i still freak out on my husband and snap on a near daily basis about the littlest things. And also I have a very specific cereal to milk ratio I prefer so I understand :) I'm glad though that your reason for all of this is a good one .... I am still in lining limbo but things are not looking good.. My estrogen level is dangerously high (in 5000s) yet my lining has again gone down. (And i have been doing acupuncture for the last year). I have a gut feeling that this will be yet another cancelled FET.
Sending you and Noah strength to get through this as I know you will! Xo

Don't Count Your Eggs

Oh Lisa. How frustrating. Mine went from .30 to non-detectable in about 6 months--maybe it was a year. Either way you still have some choices ahead of you, though hard choices for sure. I hope I didn't sound like I was complaining too much in that last post. I know, being on bed rest is not the worst problem to have and I appreciate where I am every day. But we all have moments of frustration, no matter where we are at. I wish you so much luck with IUI #4! Jojo, you're so sweet. Noah finally did go to the market and I've guilted my mom into coming on Weds so I think I'll be ok. I thought the pains were the ligaments but when I looked online it aid those pains are usually sharp and short lived. This is more a dull pain in the side crotch. Glorious, I know. But perhaps you're right, it's just manifesting a bit different. Whatever. I'll live. XO


So frustrating! If I lived close I would come bring you food and help you around the house. You deserve to have a personal butler for what you have been through! Also- those twinges are probably round ligaments growing because little Momo is stretching out! Sometimes they are dull aches and sometimes sharp pains. They always seem to be only on one side at a time. Xoxo


My AMH went from 1.35 to 0.70 in 10 months - WTF, freaked out at my dr. appointment this morning...but Dr. was reassuring, blah blah blah. So damn frustrating...if this IUI (#4) doesn't take then moving on to IVF I'm afraid. I just hate this stupid island and want off! Maya, I'd do anything to be on bed rest and driving my husband crazy - haha!!! Thanks for sharing what's it's really like behind the scenes :)

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