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November 12, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks to everyone!


Amazing Maya... Sharing your story and perspective with the rest of the world is a huge step for the infertility community. It's not only increasing awareness and acceptance but making it ok to say that a family can be built in so so many different ways...And none of it matters in terms of how it was made as long as there are loving parents ..because truly that's what makes a family. Thanks as always and sending love to your family of three ❤️


Maya, many congratulation. Momo, you and Noah are one awesome family. I could not however access the article. :( Kept getting error messages. Will try again.


Congratulations, Maya! It's a great article and it's a fantastic way to spread awareness.


You have done so much for this community!! Any negative comments you may get from non IFers cannot even come close to the healing, hope and inspiration you have given to those suffering. Momo will be nothing but proud that you and Noah are the people you are. Xoxo


Congratulations on your pregnancy and wishing you and your husband lots of luck! I never miss a motherlode blog and always write back to the authors on their own blog--or contact them directly. I find some of the comments too snarky on the NYT site. My wife and I went through four years of trying which included several cycles of IVF before finally becoming pregnant (we now have two kids after two very challenging pregnancies.) I think it's wonderful that you are starting to think of how to define your family and pay homage to the process. It is empowering your child with language to describe your family and all the love that he/she comes from. We went through this also (as a same sex couple with a known and very involved sperm donor.) wishing you well. I'll subscribe to your blog and look forward to more posts.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Jess and Lisa! I'm happy that our story can promote awareness out there but must say comments from non IF Islanders can be harsh and it makes me realize how hard it is for some people to understand these alternative family building options. Lisa--good luck with the appointment and whatever it is you decide to do next.

Katherine, your comment made me feel so happy this morning. I read one of the comments off the NYT piece I wrote where someone was giving me a hard time for being public about all this and exposing Momo before she's even born etc--it's something I do think about. But then reading that you've decided to donate your embryos, essentially giving another couple/person the chance of a family and those embryos a chance to be people made me feel the utter importance of us being open about our journey. It is a hard decision, I can imagine, and one you and your husband will have to fully wrap your heads around before you come to a final final decision. I believe there are various ways you can go about the process too--that range from being totally anonymous to having some limited contact, to choosing the intended parents you wish to donate to. So know all your options and what you guys are comfortable with. Momo is ours and the love Noah and I have and the instinct to protect her and the deliberate thoughts we have about parenting her validate how "ours" she really is. Good luck with your process and congrats on your twins!

A Few Good Eggs

Maya, great article! I got the link to it from the NYT and halfway through checked the author's name b/c I figured it had to be you. Congratulations!

Katherine J.

I've been a longtime lurker on lots of IVF blogs- I’m not sure which one brought me to your site, but I’m so glad I found it. I was lucky enough to have success with my first IVF cycle last summer, resulting in twin girls. My husband and I knew that our family would be complete as a family of 4, and since they were born I've been struggling with what to do with our remaining 3 embryos. I just wanted to let you know that it's because of your blog & your story that we've started the process to donate them. It's a strange thing to think about- having your biological kid, your kids’ siblings, out there in the world somewhere, and in all honesty I still don’t think I’ve fully wrapped my head around it. But when I read your blog, and I see how happy & excited you are, and how you truly think of your little Momo as YOUR baby, I know I want to be able to give that someone. Any other option just seems selfish. Anyway, that was a long winded way of saying thank you for sharing your story.

Wishing you a healthy & easy second half of your pregnancy and a lifetime of happiness with your little one.


And great article!!!


Hi Maya! Just letting you know I've been reading all your recent posts, even if I haven't been posting a comment. We have our "regroup" appointment with the RE on the 25th and in my heart I know we should move on to IVF, but guess we'll just have to see what the Dr. recommends. He's actually already recommended IVF, but I have a feeling my hubby may want to try a few more IUI's - they are so draining on me though! Anyways, I'm still waiting to see a baby bump picture! Keep that baby growing - good job mama!


Great article Maya! So impressed that you are NYT published author!

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