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November 05, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks everyone. I can't believe I have another SCH-- my doc clarified that it's in fact another hematoma and is 7 cm and "disorganized"? Whatever. Will just lay low. All that matters is that Momo is fine. Meliss-- I'm sorry you had to cancel. Ugh. You prepped for soooo long--how disappointing! I've never heard of doing another fresh cycle when there are frozen embryos, but hopefully this new protocol will help. I wish you all the best and please keep us posted. I'm going to have to write you a children's book--The Little Lining that Could!


Whoops - I wish you an *uneventful* rest of your pregnancy obviously :)


Momo looks great in there!!! While it sucks to go through these scares ..I am so so happy that ultimately, everything is looking good and both you and momo are healthy. :) I really hope momo saves her spiritedness for when she arrives, and will let you get through the rest of the pregnancy in peace! I try hard every day to visualize the outcome of being pregnant but this is a good reminder that although we (IF gals) struggle so freaking much to achieve the pregnancy part...our challenges are far from over even when it happens. I do really wish you an an eventful rest of your journey- you're getting there!!!
My 3rd ivf attempt (FET) was cancelled due to my lining issues...onto attempt #4 doing another fresh cycle (despite the frozen embryos) as they hope may stimulate my lining a bit more ...so hard to stay hopeful when my heart is so broken..
Anyway ..sending you love. Xo

A Few Good Eggs

Momo! Nothing better at this point than a perfect anatomy scan. I'm so sorry to hear about the blood clot, but glad it doesn't seem to be dangerous. You certainly are being taught an extreme lesson in patience and here's to an easier second half of your pregnancy. You've been through the ringer. Thinking of you.


so beautiful Maya! :)


Great news. I had to laugh about your perinatologist's poker face. They must teach that in school. I had to see mine 4 or 5 times and I never could read her. It was actually unnerving to me how calm and emotionless she was. I was convinced it was because she was withholding bad news, but she always said things were fine in the most clinical way possible. I still don't know how I feel about her now and I have a 5 month old. Weird. Thinking of you while you wait to meet Momo in person!


Momo is healthy! Such amazing news. Hoping these next few months go by quickly- she will be here before you know it grabbing onto your fingers, smiling up at you and making you and Noah happier than you ever imagined!


There she is!!! Was waiting for your update. The patience thing and her showing you who's boss are right on point. Welcome to mommy hood Maya! Much love


Aww, Momo is so cute- a little fireball indeed! xoxo


Yay Momo! And... I think you have had every single cause for bleeding in the book. Except for the bad kind of bleeding(yay!). But holy crap, your body is determined to scare you at every turn, despite that perfect monkey inside of you!! Hoping the next 20 weeks are much less eventful than the first!

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