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November 07, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

HI Kerry--I so agree. Watching video of Noah and I two years ago and hearing Noah be so adamant about his own biology and now seeing him love Momo and be excited about her really illustrated how much our perspectives can change over time and through our experiences. Sounds like you and your hubs have had a similar experience. Congrats on being 8 weeks! Very exciting!!! Jojo-- getting knocked up on a honeymoon? How boring! The story of how we found Momo is pretty incredible when I think about about it-- she was frozen for four years! How crazy is that. Maybe that's why her initial betas were so low--she needed more time to warm up.


I am so with Jess. I think spirits find one another and I think the fact that you rescued Momo and will give her the best life imaginable when she may not have ever gotten the chance is one of my favorite stories of conceptions. Forget those boring got pregnant on our honeymoon stories- this is a true parent/ child love story. Xoxo


When I started my IF journey, IVF was something that I considered to be a last resort. As other treatments failed, I came to accept IVF. As IVF continued to fail, I opened my heart to the idea of an egg donor. The journey my husband and I took was one of periodic loss, but each loss led us to a place where we could more easily accept alternative ways to have a family. I'm finally pregnant (8 weeks! A heartbeat and everything!), but I know that for my next baby, I will be more than open to egg or embryo donors, or adoption. Two years ago, I would have been hung up on genetics. Now, I understand that if the goal is a family, I can get there in so many ways. What a ride. Like many of your posts, this one resonated with me. Love to you, Momo and Noah.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Beautifully said Jess. The struggles definitely give us a different appreciation of it all. Have a great weekend.


Such a great post. I share my mom's belief that spirits choose their parents and that the physical is just a vessel. given that, biology is pretty neat to observe, but in my humble opinion not the biggest factor in all of us. I believe Momo's spirit was waiting for you and Noah and that she chose you two to be her parents. Lucky girl! I am lucky enough to have my twins after a very tumultuous journey to them and I can see their spirits shining so much brighter than anything physical. Whether our babies find us through genetics, adoption or any combination- when they finally reach us and we feel that love and joy, it makes the journey they took to reach us seem so small.

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