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December 01, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Meliss-- Transfer tomorrow???!! OMG. We all wish you so much love and strength for the dreadful 2ww ahead. Sorry, maybe it will be fabulous and non anxiety provoking for you ;) I shouldn't project my dread. The how doesn't matter, won't matter, but it does stay with you a bit. In my experience. But I think that's what allows for so much gratitude and patience. Good luck tomorrow and please keep us posted. Jojo-- I totally agree. One thing about any kid who comes into the world via ART is that they are already so wanted and loved.


I feel like a constant theme in the world of infertility is to keep having to redefine what is normal and what it takes in the process of making a baby. Sometimes it's just a matter of slightly changing our perspective and other times it feels like a complete reshifting of our beliefs and everything we once held true. At first everything seems so crazy and like a huge deal because it's never what we imagined - whether it's taking meds to make a baby, injecting yourself with daily hormones in the lovely ivf process, spending thousands of dollars, finding egg/embryo from someone else ...but eventually it starts to become less crazy...because it's just what we have to do to reach our goal. In the end - the HOW we get to that goal won't matter so much(or so I tell myself). All that will matter is that it's our baby, our family...and that's the most important thing. All of this to say that I truly believe your baby is yours and Noah's and was always meant to be ..and she will be so loved! Sorry for the rambling. Feeling reflective as I'm trying to stay so hopeful this time around - transfer on Friday (retrieval was pushed back a few days). You continue to inspire me to stay strong and determined <3


I have seen so many dis functional families who have genetic kids and so many beautiful families that have no genetic tie. I have also seen the opposite. I truly believe the happiness of a family lies in the amount of love, support, traditions and especially how the parents treat each other. You and Noah will make this lucky girl have one happy life.

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