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December 08, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs



I wish I had realized that once your little bundle of joy (or bundles in our case) is here, you really don't care anymore HOW he/she/they got here (in our case IVF). No matter what, it is your child and your family and that's all that matters ❤️


These are all right on! I also wish I would have known how important it was to advocate for my own health every step of the way. That's not to say my doctors wanted me to fail, but I wish I had insisted on testing earlier in the process (it's much easier to listen to an obgyn say "you'll be fine, just relax" and hope they're right than it is to say "actually I think something really is off, can we please move forward with those tests?"). Then, once you DO get an RE, there are SO MANY decisions they lob at you that I found it easier to just say "what do you recommend?" and do it, since Dr. Google was turning me around in so many directions I couldn't make a decision. So I wish I would have trusted my gut in some of those hard decisions (we didn't feel pgs testing was right for us (long story) but we did it anyway because the "odds were 70% each time" and we STILL failed.) These are all lessons that are good for LIFE in general, I suppose, so I am thankful to know them now so I can apply them to other areas. ;)


All great points. I also wish I would have really internalized the fact that the hell of IF will eventually end- somehow someway. The purgatory of hoping, failure, hope again, failure and despair then repeat over and over just cannot and will not go on forever. If I had really gotten this I might have been less angry sad and anti-social the whole time. The second thing I would advise is don't waste years on a very low probability ( for your specific case) solution. If the odds of an IUI working are slim- don't waste precious time doing them over and over. Move onto IVF if you have the means and desire sooner rather than later.

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