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December 30, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Becky--HI! Thanks for sharing. 12 weeks! How exciting, and yes, it is all totally surreal. All good things in 2015.


It is SO surreal looking back & wondering how the years slipped by & all we've gone through to get here. We are 12 weeks pregnant after a 3.5 year 'unexplained infertility' struggle. Ovulation kits, weird herbs, acupuncture, 4 failed IUI's, one failed IVF. and now a successful FET?!? I still don't completely believe it. Failure had become my norm. I don't remember how to accept success. Our lives have been in limbo for over 3 years...while the rest of the world kept moving along w/out us. I remember when I wanted to adopt our dog & I said in a moment of second thoughts to my husband, 'we shouldn't. It's not practical. We will be pregnant soon.' He responded by telling me we can't focus on 'what ifs'. We do what we want & adjust when the time comes. That was 2.5 years ago!! (Side note...that dog has been a welcome addition & so glad my husband didn't let me talk myself out of that one!) here's to a better 2015 for all of us on this crazy journey!!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Congrats Blake! PGD testing is great for finding the healthy embryos! You should feel nothing but hopeful and positive, of course it's a little scary. The egg retrieval didn't hurt at all for me. You're put out. But I also had five eggs. It might be different for women with many more eggs or women who hyper stimulate. My sister felt groggy and sick to her stomach for a while after the procedure so it all depends but honestly I didn't think it was that bad. The progesterone in oil shots hurt but I did them for three plus months and am a huge baby so if I can do it anyone can. The menopur, flotsam, ganirelix, omnitrope etc-- I was on all at the same time-- are tiny needles. They don't feel good and I found the menopur to sting a bit after the shot, but it's not that bad. Take a deep breath in and exhale as the needle goes in. Good luck and keep us posted!


And next thing you know, you will be knee deep in diapers! We recently found out that we are given the amazing gift of IVF/PGD to ensure that we have a child without Huntington's. I've commented before, and at that point, I believe I had just had unsuccessful IUIs. I've had all my blood work and a Sonohystagram to check to see if all the parts are in working order. I'm now about to start the birth control pills and then the rest of the meds. Not sure what to expect or how to feel other than hopeful and positive. I've heard the egg retrieval hurts. Do the shots hurt? I'm just hoping that everything works out on the first try, as I'm not sure how many tries I will get.

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