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December 22, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all for sharing. While we are all in different places and stages of our journey, I think we can all relate to these different feelings, from wondering if and when the torture will ever end to feeling awe and gratitude.

Adrianna Button

I could totally relate to your post. I would break down crying at various points in my pregnancy, out of gratitude and relief. Relief that I was finally pregnant and could break away from all those consuming and disappointing feelings that infertility thrusted upon me year after year. Although that feeling of disappointment was replaced by worry once I did become pregnant, I just reminded myself to take it milestone by milestone...one ultrasound to the next and tried to stay in my happy present.
My baby is now 3 weeks old (after 6 years of infertility), and I'm in complete awe of everything we went thru and everybody that supported me along the way. Although I wouldn't wish this journey on anyone, it has humbled me in a way I don't think any other experience would have. I have so much love for my donor, my husband, family and doctors. My child started out as a dream in my heart and now she's here and there are no words ...
Maya my happiness for you is overflowing! I cannot wait to see your little one in your arms!


This part was written just for me today. "When you go through so much disappointment, even though with each cycle you expect and hope for success, there often comes a point where you just can't even fathom anything working. You think you're just going to run on the treadmill of infertility treatments until you drop dead."
We have been through so much on our family building journey and right now I feel like I'm going to be in this phase forever, just like you write here. SO glad it won't be like this forever even though it seems like we will. I needed that reminder!


As always - your words ring so true. I just had my very first ultrasound that actually brought feelings of happiness instead of despair. Granted at 5 weeks it wasn't much to look at besides a fuzzy sac but I'm still in awe that this actually happened. While I know I have a long way to go, I feel so incredibly grateful beyond belief ...and I do wonder if those women who haven't gone through infertility can really appreciate it in quite the same way. I am so so happy for you ..and I totally get your logic of less clothing= more room for momo :). Xoxo


Your posts are so dead on. I, too, have several boxes of expired meds and my husband and I still have conversations on our next steps. I know we'll get there someday and share the grateful feelings as well.


You are so right about the gratitude. It is still with me every day while other non IF Mom friends are so upset about lack of sleep and other small stuff. The gratitude is the biggest ( only???) gift from IF. Maybe that and a strengthened relationship/ marriage. So happy you are where you are.

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