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January 02, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

ANITA!!! Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply to this comment, my computer has been broken and it's a huge pain but OMG! Yay! Congrats! That's a really high first beta no? Is there more than one? Please keep up posted on beta #2. So excited for you but yes--cautiously optimistic for sure. Enjoy the madness. Lindsay-- yay to 8 weeks! The sound of the heartbeat is amazing isn't it. I get those fears but they are just fears-- fear is often about what might happen, not what is happening now. Stay with the now. Which is a tiny baby growing inside you, Good luck and congrats again. Thanks Lauren! I saw a new OB today who said I can exhale at 32 weeks--ugh. But 28 is good too, I'll take it! Thanks Silvia!!


So exciting!!


28 weeks is a terrific milestone to reach. My OB said it's the point at which OBs breathe a sigh of relief about their own pregnancies :)

Lindsay Monnier

I am so excited to see your precious Momo be brought to life outside of you this year! My husband and I are currently 8 weeks P with our donated egg baby (my sister's eggs). We've heard the heart beat twice now. I've had a lot of fears about losing this baby since I've had recurrent miscarriages. Everytime I would have some bleeding I would think about all that you've gone through with Momo and would tell myself this is our time just like it is your time too. I pray that 2015 brings us both happy and healthy bundles of joy and a sense of relief and pride in ourselves for all we've both been through to get to our babies! Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year, Maya. I wished to share that my first beta today came at 4956! I'm still numb and I go for second beta and U/S on 6th. Of course I'll still be cautiously optimistic, but it is still such a big news. I'm going through as you put it "hormone induced madness" and kind of enjoying it! :)

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