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January 06, 2015


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28 weeks already?! When I got to 28 weeks my OB said that's when OBs breathe a sigh of relief in their pregnancies, so congrats on this milestone!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hey Devon, sounds like the new year hasn't started off with a bang for you. Or maybe it has but not the kind of bang you really want. Hope things get better soon. Samantha-- yes! More eyes the better. I see the high risk guy in an hour or so and am hoping to get a good glimpse of Momo! Anita---OMG!!! TWINS! I can imagine being nervous but start conditioning yourself for good news mama. It's time! Deb-- I thought 28 weeks was a good number also but I guess 32, obviously, is better. Momo is going all the way. I decided. So hopefully none of this will be an issues, but I suppose if it is, we deal with it when we need to. Thanks Jojo! Getting closer!


You are getting so close and yes, Momo is a true miracle baby! Getting back to reality is not easy, this week has been a rough one so far. Happy New Year to you guys, you have so much to look forward to this year.


I think you'll really enjoy the MFM, I absolutely adored mine so much that I dumped my regular OB early on and just had all my care from my MFM - she even delivered my little dude. One of the many perks is that they typically have amazing ultrasound equipment - you might even get to see the cuteness that is Momo in 3D/4D!!! (Usually the techs will switch it on for a few seconds and see if a good face shot is available!!) One more set of eyes looking after you and Momo is always a good thing!!


Maya, it is indeed two in there. I went for second beta and u/s. Beta is more than 10000 and we saw two sacs. I'm a nervous wreck right now about a twin pregnancy! Go for my third beta on 9th Jan, this Friday! Its all seems so unreal to me. I was just so prepared for bad news. I was so dizzy during the 2ww, and felt like motion sickness all the time even on the couch! Husband was urging me to take HPT, but I was so sure of the negative like previous times and didn't wish to ruin the holidays.
You are so close to holding Momo! So exciting! Hope and pray to God that 2015 brings good luck and cheer to all the couples on the IF island.


I was reading ahead in my pregnancy book (currently at 24 weeks myself), and it said that 28 weeks is when OBs breathe a sigh of relief about their own pregnancies. It's when babies really could probably be ok even if they were born then, if given the hospital has a good NICU. I can't wait to be there. And you're there! Momoko will almost certainly be fine! You're really going to be a mom! Sorry about the exclamation marks!


Good luck at work. Thinking about you. You are getting so close to meeting your baby girl!

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