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January 26, 2015


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The number of companies offering this benefit is ridiculously small! My son truly is an Amazon baby - they picked up the entire tab apart from office visit copays. Unfortunately, he wasn't available on Prime ;)

The crazy thing is most insurers will offer it, just companies don't pick it up - I would bet most of would pay a higher amount out of pocket to select a tier of plan that does include it!!!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi JCS-- the pre IVF jitters are to be expected. Glad you're feeling strong and hopeful. That's the way you've got to go into all this. I totally agree about insurance and coverage. It really makes assisted baby making a luxury, but as Blake wrote we all do what we have to do. Cut back, work more, apply for grants. Resolve does a lot of advocacy work in this area if you're interested. And Blake, you really are doing everything you can! So much respect. You're a dedicated Mama to say the least. Good luck to anyone in the middle of the insanity and thanks for all the love and support as always.


Yup! Everything will go just as it should from here. And in a few short weeks you will join the "ordinary" and "miraculous" millions past, present, and future, who give birth to their precious child they created out of love with their partner.

Now it's time to think about birthing and baby gear! Hooray! So exciting :)


Yup, everything will be just as expected. You will give birth to your beautiful baby that you and your husband created out of love, just like millions of people past, present, and future. Time to start thinking birthing and baby gear! Hooray!!! She will join us in the outside world in the weeks to come.


Thanks, Maya. I really needed this today. After my failed FET in the fall, I'm gearing up for another round of IVF but I am so ready to get off this island! I have been in a good place emotionally- feeling strong, hopeful and relaxed. But as we gear up, anxiety has started to creep in and I've been feeling unsettled. So this is really helpful. :)

Regarding Kiki's comment, I've been thinking a lot about the fact that insurance companies really should be required to offer IVF coverage. Some offer partial coverage but most do not, and IVF is so expensive that many cannot afford it or can only afford one or two cycles (and we all know it can take a lot of "tinkering under the hood" to find the best protocol). This is a shame. If you ever want to take up this cause, I am fully on board!


Thank you for posting these. We are in the midst of our first IVF and these stories give me hope that we will have a family!


I am with Blake. Maya and Noah have clawed their way through this hell. Anyone with a shred of decency are cheering them on and celebrating all they have done for this community. Happy to hear about this shift. Xoxo


I don't have a lot of money, I make a little over minimum wage actually, and I have the opportunity to go through IVF. I've saved $$ by having more than 2 jobs to make this happen. I honestly believe if IVF, adoption, fostering, whatever the case may be for you to be a parent, then you will do anything in your power to make that happen (including looking for grants or applying for different programs, because they are out there!). I work 40 hours a week, am a real estate agent on the side, plus have my own Etsy store where I crochet and sell items. And forgive me if I'm taking your comment the wrong way, but I felt it was a jab, and this one of the most supportive and kind blogs, so please try to not sound so rude next time you decide to comment, kiki g.

kiki g

Happy days in Mommyland for those with money.

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