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January 30, 2015


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I see lots of cousin fun in the future! So happy for you guys.


Wonderful wonderful news! That is so exciting!

Lindsay Monnier

OH EM GEE!! This is beyond exciting for your family!!! Mine can totally relate to this post too...after all they have witnessed with me and my husband (stillbirth daughter, 3 miscarriages before 11 weeks)...they have been terrified for us during this pregnancy (donor egg from sis). We have passed the furthest miscarriage but stillbirth is still a scary reality for us and until we pass 24 weeks, I think my family will be on edge for us.


So wonderful!!!! Congrats to your whole family! What an exciting summer this will be for all of you :) Thank you for the reminder- things do change - because as hard as that is to accept in the throes of infertility despair, it is so true. At 11 weeks, I am allowing myself to imagine how wonderfully different this time next year will be, how our anniversary this year will be, how the holidays this year will be, etc.. As nervous as I still am, it feel pretty wonderful to know that things have indeed changed and the baby that I have longed for is now actually growing :) hope you have a wonderful birth class today! Xo


Ahhhh amazing! So very happy for your family. It is inspiring and amazing how quickly life can change. Xo


Staying positive and waiting to exhale.

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