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January 15, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Curse of the SCH! So sorry Anita. It's all just scary. I TOTALLY get it. Rest rest rest. I really feel like bed rest helped with the SCH. I'm sending lots of Momo vibes your way!


Maya, bled again today. Ultrasound confirmed subchorionic bleed. I thought of you. The doc didn't seem too worried but asked for pelvic rest and take it easy for next two days. Baby#2 is lagging behind baby#1.
Today someone asked me at workplace if I was pregnant! I'm asking my husband now if I look that fat even in big sweaters only at 7 weeks! Well none of my pants are fitting anymore.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Shauna, hope you had a good weekend. Good luck Brenda-- gearing up to jump back in is always stressful but hopefully you'll have some good docs to guide you. Additional opinions are a good idea! Anita! How scary!!! I'm so sorry. I've been there. The first time I bled every other day for a week before the doc saw the subchorionic hematoma. Lay low mama. I'm not sure if you were reading the blog around hematoma time but I do feel like posting up in bed really helped me. The second massive bleed was supposedly due to placenta previa. Anyway. Hope you get some answers and reassurance. Sorry it can't go smoothly. It just can't. Part of the deal I guess, but it's so scary. Keep us posted and hope the bleeding has stopped. Thanks Jackie--I am hoping to breastfeed and need to sign up for a class soon. I've heard it's challenging but feel like we can figure it out--hope we can :)


Maya, so happy for you! Soon, very very soon, you will be holding that baby in your arms. Are you going to breastfeed? In lots of ways, it was more difficult than my entire pregnancy and childbirth, but it's very worth it to stick it out, as it gets much easier after a month and is actually a wonderful experience. At first it is very painful (for many, including me) and engorgement was so scary/overwhelming for me. Pumping can help to relieve the engorgement, and learning correct latching and positioning can really help with feeding. Nursing support groups and lactation consultants are the BEST! I just wanted to offer some encouragement if you choose to breastfeed! - a random reader in Ohio, Jackie


Things do indeed change, Maya. Change is the only permanent thing. And when things seem to have hit rock bottom, as it often appears for us IF islanders, they can only go up. I think determination, will (that we have a lot of) and trying best to keep a positive perspective is what is needed.
I'm 7 weeks P today, hungry most of the time, with a bruised tummy (lovenox shots) and butt (progesterone shots). Had a big scare on Wednesday. It started out as a normal day at work, I was only a bit queasy, and working in a male colleagues office when I stood up just to stretch my legs and felt fluids gush out. I was so totally confused. It happened again in seconds and I rushed to my office, closed my door and checked to observe total blood bath. In my daze ran downstairs to parking lot, called husband, and called my doc's office. They could take me at 1:30 which was like 3h away. I was in tears. Ran up again to grab my stuff and came back home. When I went for ultrasound, the babies looked fine, and doctor had no explanation for the bleed (soaking pads) other than that babies could be burrowing in the uterine wall. Hmm..anyways, it was a relief. I was told that I can go back to work, but I worked from home rest of the day and the next day. Doctor said that IVF pregnancies may experience more bleeding that others in early phases. As if we do not have enough drama already.
In yesterday's ultrasound, all looked well. Baby-A registered a heartbeat of 129bpm, but Baby-B although had a beating heart, we still could not hear. So baby-B is behind and we need to watch.


So happy to hear you say this Maya! We are still in the same spot we were 3 years ago and it often does feel like it'll never change. I love reading your point of view even now as "normal" P person. You give us hope and perspective. Finally starting to go at it again after a 6 month break from doctors. Seeking additional opinions and answers to guide our next steps. Look forward to your posts and future pics!


Thank you for this entry - I needed a message of hope today. It makes me happy to hear that change is possible.

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