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February 13, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Anita! 12 weeks is a big milestone. Congrats. I hear ya on the crappy ultrasound equipment. It's lame. I did the cell free DNA and don't think it matters about donor etc.They do tell you your percentage of risk for certain things based on your age and my percentages were all based on the age of my donor. But that is not as accurate as doing the actual blood tests. I did tell my OB and the genetic counselor about donor embryo but the blood test really looks at the baby (and gives you gender if you want it). The NT scan, I believe, really looks at the baby's parts so where the eggs etc originate from probably shouldn't matter. Good luck!!!


Maya, 12weeks is exciting and at the time makes me nervous to be happy, that all who go through infertility would understand. Out of superstition, I've not yet bought maternity pants. Miraculously, two of my pants (both black) fit and I alternate those at work. :)
I am so sad about the Obgyn's ultrasound equipment. Makes me wanna purchase my own. :) She commented last week that the baby is moving so much and I was like "where"? It was so hazy.
Totally contrary to you, we have not disclosed donor to our obgyn, and our RE said that it should totally be our decision. I go to NT next Friday and am confused about the blood tests though. I read tests like panorama are not accurate for donor pregnancies, but I do recall that you had a cfDNA, didn't you? Our donor was only 21. I hope all goes well with the NT.
Only a few more weeks for you to hold Momo! Super-exciting! Good luck with everything.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Anita. I'm so sorry about Baby #2. It's so hard. I hear about vanishing twins often, so I know it is somewhat common, but sad nevertheless. Seeing Baby #1 move around must be amazing though. Enjoy that! I was terrified to leave my RE and yes, the OB ultrasound machines make everything just look like the deep sea. We are used to a specific kind of care--one that costs an arm and a leg, but still, and going to a "regular" doc is underwhelming. You're almost at 12 weeks Mama! So exciting. Keep us posted, and pack on those pounds. Who cares. I've already gained 40 and I have six weeks to go!


Hi Maya, I'm 11 wks and 3 days P as of yesterday's ultrasound. Seeing the baby move around is just so endearing. We lost the baby 2, vanishing twin, by week 8 and now there's only an empty sac there. I felt guilty about not liking the twins news after the first beta! I wish baby 2 had lived too, but we are so little in control. I'm off progesterone, had my last shot yesterday. Have put on like 8 pounds already, which my RE says is because of twins, even if one did not make it. I get a bit anxious about going overweight and never coming back. Now is of course not the time to worry. Had my first obgyn appointment today. Felt a bit emotional. And I hated their ultrasound machine! RE's is so much better! Next Monday would be my last RE appointment and I am going to get separation anxiety. I wish I could continue there, but my RE laughed and said that he hasn't delivered a baby in 25 years. :)

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Blake-- I love it! Goin' to Vegas to get knocked up by a man (or maybe woman) you've probably never physically met before! Or maybe met once? Maybe via Skype? Oh the lengths we will go to. You're so right about trying to be in the RIGHT NOW. It's all we got. I wish you so much luck (and warm weather) on your next...adventure. Hi Gigi, hope you got through the weekend ok. I get that feeling--you so badly want to be happy for your friend but WTF!!! It all feels like a slap in the face. Other people have the right to move on with their lives and have families. We logically know that. But sometimes it just triggers stuff in us that hurts. Take care of yourself and remember your friend didn't get P to spite you. The feelings are totally normal! Hey Lisa-- hope you have a love filled V day!


I'm learning to be "in the moment" or "in the now" and really trying to just be as happy as I can be RIGHT NOW. Because there's no use in stressing out or becoming anxious about the weeks or day ahead. And I've started saying out loud to myself (mostly in the car driving) "Thy Will Be Done" and I'm not necessarily a religious person, but there's a point where no matter how many tries or cycles, its ultimately out of our power. We obviously have a huge part in making things happen, but at the same time, its comical sometimes how much it is out of our control. For me, I closed my heart to so many options at first. And now, I'm a day away from starting my injections for my first IVF. I'm leaving for Las Vegas on Friday, where I'll be for 2 weeks while I get IVF/PGD. It will be a nice change from cold Washington State. I mean, who else can say they're going to Vegas to get knocked up on purpose? :)


Thank you for writing this. I needed it today. Just found out a friend gotten pregnant and it sent me to depression. Thanks for letting me know what I feel is normal.

Lisa @ AmateurNester

Such good advice about keeping our heart open. Happy Valentine's Day, Maya!

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