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February 20, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Marisa and Meliss-- Thanks for the love! And Meliss-- congrats on phase two of this! Hope you're feeling good!


Thinking of you and hoping everything is going well!!!!! Thanks for another great reminder that sometimes we just need to take things day by day or even moment by moment...trying to remember that..and not panic..as I entered the 2nd trimester this week. Can't wait to hear Momo updates -especially once we can all "meet" her in the near future! <3


thinking of you in these final weeks! Thank you for sharing your story!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks guys! Maybe my body is just starting to figure out how to blast Momo into the world. Jess, as always I appreciate your insight. I was thinking things were normal until my OB sent me to hospital, but I think they are super cautious all the time. Vee-- I'm glad I can make things a little easier. Even if just a liiiiiiiiiitle ;) It's so hard to live with the content disappointments of IF. I wish you good luck.


Thank you for always being so honest in your blogs. The lack of sugar coating makes dealing with infertility a liiiiiiittle easier. Just a little ;)


It sounds like you are in a great mindset already but I have two things that may help: 1, the fact that they did not do a fibronectin (vaginal swab that can check for a certain agent signally birth in the next week or so) is a great sign. That is what is done if preterm labor seems to be going on. Two, I was in the hospital for four months hooked up to the non-stress machine (oxymoron by the way) sometimes all day. There wasn't a day where they didn't notice contractions. As one nurse put it, sometimes the monitoring causes more issues. We have no way of knowing what is normal or not since "typical" pregnancies are not monitored closely to give a baseline of what it totally fine. That was a long way of saying hang in there and know contractions at this point can be so "normal" and not indicative of anything imminent.


Definitely call if the contractions get regular or more intense, hopefully your body was just trying them out to see how this Momo-escape plan was going to work!

You are going to be Mama to a baby in your arms real soon, it's a crazy ride I tell ya!!

Hope you have a quiet weekend! Xx

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