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February 23, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks JCS! And goof for you for signing up with Resolve to Advocate. We need that. I know a handful of others who have don't advocacy day in Sacramento and they say it's a great experience and meet a lot of great people.


The trailer looks amazing! I will be supporting this film for sure. Thank you Maya for all you've done and continue to do for people living and struggling with infertility. Just so you know, I have signed up with Resolve and will be advocating for mandated IVF coverage in DC!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Natalie. Welcome! Sounds like you've been through a lot and writing about it could be really therapeutic. Noah and I interviewed a woman who at 47-- I think she was 47, had a baby girl through egg and sperm donation! She was amazing and her story is really empowering for anyone who wants to pursue single motherhood at a later age. Noah and I will do our best to post a video clip of her soon! Good luck to you!


Maya, I just found your blog, because, my therapist suggested that maybe I should write about my journey. So....I started looking around for other people who wrote about their journey. I just sort of binge read much of your blog. Thank you for sharing. It felt so good to read so many of my feelings and knowing others share them. I knew that, but it still felt good. and it felt sad, there are tears, and lots of feelings that are still raw and painfully exposed. daily. my raw, exposed, self. I think I will write about it. I don't know if I will start a blog, or just a journal for now. My story is complicated as is every person who is on If island. I like that thought. Other people out there on their own islands. I am 44 and single. I was married, divorced, and always thought that I would meet someone and then it would work out. It didn't. At 42, I decided to go it alone. Turns out, I had fibroids, inside my uterus. Lots of them! 4 surgeries and 6 failed IUIs with donor sperm later....I am 44, about to be 45. But, a miracle happened and I found an embryo donor. My sonohistogram showed a perfect little triangle uterus that is fibroid free! Tomorrow, there is another appointment, another sheet of paper to put in my giant, 4 inch file at the RE office. I think it is the last step before implantation. I hope! All the contracts have been signed, etc. I'm feeling that excited, hopeful....terror. I don't think I can bear one more setback or appointment. But, like you, I've learned that I am patient, and strong and resilient, so I'm allowing myself a little wine tonight, and maybe a coffee in the morning as a treat. You have for sure inspired me. I'm not a writer, but maybe I have something to offer other single, older women who know they are destined to be moms somehow. Thank you.

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