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March 18, 2015


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Sadly, I read Joy is no where. This only confirms what I have noticed lately. Somehow, I am getting acquainted with the idea that maybe it won't happen. Ever.

Maya, you are the living proof that miracles happen. And i wish you guys all the happiness of the world with Momo. But as time goes by, I feel I am joining that fraction of the IF population that may not be able to experience the miracle of child baring. Getting used to this idea is unbearable, but as I go from failure to failure, it is as if my brain was preparing me for the worst. I feel so empty and defeated.


As I am gearing up for my first IVF your blog posts have been exactly what I needed. Remembering that IVF no matter the outcome won't be my magical key to happiness has been life's message to me this week. I am so strong from my IF battle, and I hope to remember that. Joy Is Nowhere is going on my IVF inspiration cards. Thank you for sharing.


This is so cool! I am knee deep in failed a IVF cycles for another miracle baby and saw KOY IS NOW HERE. Made me happy because I am working hard to hang onto joy and not waste time feeling sorry or sad. Life is too short and unpredictable for that.

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