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March 16, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

I'm sorry Jordin--I know that feeling all too well. Gearing up to start the race and then having the doc tie your shoelace to a pole. Hopefully you'll get a little break then to recharge and next cycle you'll be a go. Blake, good luck to you! Hopefully you'll get a good batch this go round and have some beautiful embryos to choose from! Knowing what to expect definitely helps. Hi Cody, so frustrating when you go in for one thing and come out with a totally different plan. It is super disappointing and hard to plan around. Thanks for helping us spread the word about our doc! And for rooting for us!


Your post could not have had better timing as we literally got a false start TODAY - have to wait another cycle to start. I so appreciate your kind words and insight. This saved me today and made us feel so understood. The timing was really fate! Thank you thank you for writing so honestly and eloquently! Rooting for you and your documentary! Good luck!


I went into round one of IVF with rose colored glasses on. big time. I thought that I was going to produce a ton of eggs and then get them all sent off to the lab to test for HD, and then around 4 would be HD free, and then I'd put 2 embryos in and save 2 for a few years down the road when I wanted to get pregnant again. HAHAHAHA. First of all, I didn't produce a ton. I produced 7. Then I had no idea I had to wait 5 days for them to turn into blastocysts and then since only 4 of the 7 did, that I would be doing a whole nuther round to get more. And I did a ton of research and asked as many questions as I could think of whenever I was talking to my doctor or nurse. So, now I'm back on birth control and will go round 2 for shots in a month. I'm super excited this time around, because I know what to expect (the shots are not that bad!), I know my husband can handle giving me the shots, and I know the timeline of events much better. I too had a polyp during round 1, so I'm hoping that this round will go lots better without that in the way.


This is so true - thank you for writing about it. Recently I did an endometrial scratch as a method of priming my lining before my second FET, only to find out the biopsy showed a problem with my receptivity to pregnancy. All of our FETs have been cancelled until further notice. My expectations have had to shift and it's been hard. I appreciate your talking about the reality of these False Starts - it happens a lot and is super disappointing. You're a wonderful advocate for infertile couples everywhere. I've written about your posts and totted your Indiegogo Campaign for One More Shot on my own blog, www.projectparenthood.typepad.com. I hope you reach your goal - it's an incredible thing you and Noah are doing for the IF community and we're all rooting for you guys.

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