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March 17, 2015


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Great post! I just watched your video and it made me cry a LOT! We haven't filmed anything but I your tears looked so much like mine that it made me feel everything again. It's a great video. thanks for sharing it.


I honestly just laughed at their comments, nothing synthetic about the one year old that is currently tearing around my house!

And one week or so until Momo?!? Holy moly lady, crazy!! She'll be here before you know it! Hoping everything goes smoothly and safely for you both! Xx


Thank you for writing about this. Reading people's responses to the D&G interview has been really painful. IF and infertility treatments are poorly understood by many people. People espousing adoption as an IVF alternative has been particularly painful to me. I wish it was that easy, that I could magically adopt a child when I wanted to. It is so hard to explain how painful and challenging IF is to someone who hasn't experienced it. Seeing how D&G sympathizers perceive IF makes me really grateful to those like you who shine a light on what this struggle is really like. I can't wait to share One More Shot with my family when it is finished.


As if the world cares what their stance is on ART and adoption by gay couples....sorry D&G, your hatred and ignorance is being completely drowned out by the overwhelming joy and love I feel towards my "synthetic" baby girl.

(PS I'm sure you have seen it already but the "womb transplant baby" blows my mind! Science is so amazing!)

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