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April 02, 2015


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Lisa @ AmateurNester

Happy birthday, Maya! May this be the start of your best year yet.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Devon and Annie! Devon--yes, you will get out of the trenches. I often told myself I'm not going to turn 50 and be going through infertility. As terrible and ridiculous as that sounds it kind of helped me have perspective. Thanks for commenting Annie, and for contributing! Please tweet away! Having Momo so close to my bday makes me feel like I'll never need a bday gift again-- but don't tell Noah.


Happy Birthday Maya! What a true time to celebrate! You have always kept me going with you honest posts and incredible writing, this post is just another reminder that in the depths of these trenches I know one day we will get out of this too, one way or the other. I am also very happy to hear you and Momo are home safe and sound. Your birth story is crazy, my sister had a similar one and it was a very scary time for our family. I look forward to hearing more and watching the documentary. xx

Annie C-K

Happy birthday, Maya! I gave birth to my own little miracle two weeks before my 35th birthday so it's sweet to see another mother-daughter birthday pair aligned in a similar interval. I am 38 now.

This is my first time commenting but I have actually followed your filmmaking and blog for about 6 months. Thank you and Noah for sharing your lives with us in such a rare, raw, and transparent, refreshing way. Your voices are a blessing.

I am a contributor to your campaign and am thinking of tweeting at a brainstorm of celebrities who have been open about their own fertility struggles. Just want you to know we are standing with you in support of the difficult birth, the early newborn days, feeding around the clock, the exhaustion, the everything.

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