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May 22, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Ashley-- thanks and welcome! And I'm sorry you're stuck on the Island but wishing you so much luck with the upcoming IUI. Maryann-- ugh, you've really been through a lot. I so understand that isolation but know you are never alone. And it will pass. I would always tell myself I wasn't going to be going through IF treatments at age 50! Things are constantly changing. Good luck with whatever comes next for you.


Nothing stays the same mantra is the only thing which helps me to go through this hell for past 2 years.. 3 iui, 2 ivf, one chemical pregnancy and one miscarriage at 8 weeks, visit to children aid society looking for answers, sign from God or anything which elevate this burning pain. Your blog which I read often helps me elevate the loneliness I feel in my soul and baby searching. We just found out the second ivf was a failure and considering our age ..we don't have much options left other than embryo donation or adoption. Relationships got strained or broken, too many hurtful things were said which caused me to withdrew and close up. And while all this is happening I keep reminding myself.. This shall pass too .. And least that's what I pray for each day.


I just recently started reading your blog a few months ago and I love it! Currently on the IF island here, and only just started (3 rounds of Clomid, 3 rounds of Fermara and now onto our second IUI), but what you said resonated with me: Nothing stays the same forever. Thank you for that and I love seeing your sweet little baby!

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