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June 05, 2015


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Thank you Maya for this reminder. After 3 failed iuis, failed ivf, 2 miscarriages I am terrified. I feel that even a chance to have a baby is a true miracle not given to everyone and this makes me so sad. That's all I ever wanted and now I am facing the truth that my body doesn't react well to the drugs and number of quality eggs is low so I stopped counting them!
We are faced with choices which hopefully be embryo donation or adoption. Every day I am reading and researching and praying for this to end. I am stronger now than ever but my heart is broken.


So glad the flight went okay!


Thanks Maya for this one. Still stranded, still scared of the unknown, but it's true I do feel stronger and a little rougher. Cry less or not at all at the onset of a failed month. Try to remain focused on the bigger picture. Fear creeps back in and I just have to keep telling myself it'll all be over at some point. Thanks for the reminder.

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