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June 01, 2015


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*Momo 👶 😊


This post made me smile so much. I had been reading your blog during my own 5 years on IF island. Then last March I got my BFP and I stopped reading because it felt jinx-y (us IF islanders are a rational bunch). But I was thinking about you and wondering where you and Noah were on your road to parenthood and I have been so happy to read about Mono. I wish your pregnancy and delivery could have been easier but I know you look at her and it doesn't matter.at.all. We heal. The body and heart are amazing. So happy you found your sweet girl. My little girl was born last December and we are also loving our own crazy life staring at the monitor, being obsessed with input/output and singing non-sensical songs. All the best!


I had to laugh at this because I felt the same way with my first! Now I have 4 kids (2 of them are 6 month old twins) and I barely hear crying I have gotten so used to it. You'll get there and it sounds like you're doing great!


Keep doing it! Every outing you'll notice you have a little bit less anxiety. My motto from day 1 has been: worst thing that can happen is they both (twins) scream and lose it and then we just go home. It's ok. But you need to get out! It's kept me sane to be honest. And you'll start to love talking about nap obsessions with other moms :) All the good stuff. None of this is easy, but you're doing great!!!

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