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June 15, 2015


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My 20 month old has just started to fall asleep on his own without being nursed. It has been a painless process because I felt we were both ready. You have plenty of time to settle into routines and develop independence so do what feels right for your own little family and don't beat yourself up about any of it.


We are in the exact same place, just a few months older. I seriously could have written this post. I wonder the same, if I am so overly attentive and ready to meet her every need because of what we went through to get her or because I didn't carry her myself, but then I talk to other moms who seem to feel the same way regardless of how they got their baby. I am working hard on letting her cry a little here and there even though I want to do anything to make it stop, though as we head toward the 6 month mark I am getting more nervous about her learning to self soothe. Thanks for sharing your work on this, you always help me feel like I'm more normal (or we are equally neurotic?)!

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