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July 10, 2015


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A Few Good Eggs

I was logging everything for awhile, too, and it is so, so liberating to stop. Babies will do what they please!


Ha! Not her crib, her crib sheet!


Sleep with her crib, so it smells like you. I wrapped my pillow in it for 2 nights, that helped a lot with our transition. Also, just follow your gut. If she starts to cry and you want to go comfort her, then go comfort her. My 10 month old now (finally) sleeps through the night. And while it's wonderful to have a full nights sleep, I miss our little midnight cuddle sessions.


That sounds like a very good idea, no more apps and charting. I am trying to divorce myself from my iPhone, it has become too much a part of me. I recall our transition to crib from family bed as quite smooth. I believe it was around six months. As I recall, she would still wake once in the night at about the same time (2am? 4am?) and I would stumble to her room and bring her to our bed and she would spend the rest of the night with us because I was too tired or lazy to sit up and nurse her and then get her back to sleep - or I should say I didn't think it worth the effort. Instead I just nursed her practically in my sleep as I had been doing for a while. Sleeping in our bed was so much easier and I think she got a lot of nourishment from those night feedings while I slept, plus it took the baby weight off me. I have another memory of regularly changing diapers on our bed in the middle of the night in the dark, almost by feel instead of sight! I would just toss the soiled diaper in the corner, never turned a single light on. All in all co-sleeping was so easy, I only recall a bit of difficulty getting her down to sleep around one year of age that lasted for a few weeks but seemed interminable at the time. It's true you become so tied to your child you are unhappy if they haven't slept, eaten or pooped. You will gradually separate from each other.


Good for you for stepping away from the logs! We used a rock n play for our twins in the nursery from 3-6 months to get them adjusted to their room (and ease of use to simultaneously rock both when I was alone). At six months we used a magic Merlin suit (look it up if you don't already have it) which helped make the transition from rock and play to crib a lot more smooth. Good luck! Sounds like you are doing great.

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