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August 05, 2015


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you all for sharing. Nothing stays the same forever. It really doesn't. I wish you all the best of luck!


Thank you. Your post resonates with me. After 4 failed ivf rounds and 1 failed FET, I'm ready
to move on to embryo adoption. I pray every day that the tides will turn for me and that a happy ending is out there.


These comments are so touching! With secondary infertility, we had four failed IVF cycles (never anything to cryopreserve), then moved to embryo adoption. The first transfer was a negative. After the second transfer we had our first ever positive after IVF and our ultrasound is Monday, praying for at least one heartbeat. Having experienced both, I can say normal conception and pregnancy is just a stroll in the park; conception and pregnancy with ART is a major, excruciating journey, full of twists and turns.


I've commented only once last fall, but this really hit me. After 4 surgeries, 3 rounds of IVF and a miscarriage last year, an emergency hysterectomy (that nearly resulted in my death) forced us to move to surrogacy. Our transfer is next week and I had a total meltdown today over a simple email from our nurse. It's literally PTSD and I'm trying every way I know how to assure myself that there is actually a chance our bad luck could come to an end. So glad to read about people on the other side.


I love this post. After two failed IVF transfers of PGS normal blasts (the last of which was chemical) the doctor's are stumped but have identified that it's most likely my uterus and not our embryos that is the problem. I feel broken and beat up and like all hope is lost. But I know in my heart it isn't - it's just waned for the moment and we need to wait for the tide to change again. I believe in my heart I will be a mom someday - and I think that's all the reassurance I need to know that it will happen. I just wish i knew when (as you did). Take care and thanks for continuing to support the struggle even after finding your Momo.


Thank you for this tender blog post. So much of what you're saying resonates with me. Though our journey didn't end with P, we did find our happily ever after by adoption and that brought tremendous healing. It's so hard to be in the middle of the struggle and not know what your happy ending is going to be. Thanks for sharing your journey, Maya!


Thank you for this.. For now it feels like unachievable dream but I keep reminding myself that nothing stays the same and that one today all this longing, suffering and tears will end!
Praying for our two donated embryos waiting to be transferred very soon!

Pamela Olson

Thanks for this! We just harvested 13 eggs (our last try at IVF most likely) and get to play the waiting game as the numbers dwindle at each successive stage... hopefully converging on our child(ren). Trying to take it one breath, one sunset walk, one ice cream cone at a time.

And meanwhile keeping other wonderful options open.

Just in this past month I've finally learned to feel more hope than dread. So excited about watching our little one roll around in a crib in the next year or two, however it happens.

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