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August 30, 2015


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My husband is now an expert at giving PIO shots, he is well suited for it, whereas I don't think he could ever stand to be shot up himself. I on the other hand think I could never give someone a shot but I can put up with the pain. So it worked out.
With male factor the roles are the same: the treatment is IVF with ICSI. I suppose since Eve ate the apple, even if the woman has no infertility diagnosis she has to suffer the treatment. When are they going to figure out how to simply increase sperm counts with pills (or injections!)? Would make things easier. They're always just experimenting on the women's bodies, it seems. "Let's try this protocol and see what happens." Anyway at least they are working on an alternative to PIO. And so thankful for embryo adoption since my ovaries rebelled at IVF!

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