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September 09, 2015


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Yeah, I'm there. Really showing now at 22 weeks but for awhile was quite hesitant to tell anyone I was pregnant, and hesitant to talk about the future (like names, or nursery ideas). I'm actually a bit uncomfortable being out showing my belly because so many people will KNOW. And what was going on with me used to be so private, only the people I wanted to know would know. Strangely I have also missed the visits to my fertility clinic--I loved the nurses there! It feels a bit like getting married--you have all this attention leading up to being the bride, you feel so important with people checking on you and with you, then after the wedding, BAM, you're just married. Now I'm just pregnant. I'm being a bit silly as I still get a lot of attention by being pregnant but what i mean is I am agreeing with you about how all the timelines and schedules and waiting and appointments go away and you just have a long time to be pregnant.


I am P with donor embryo. Third trimester now, and still feels surreal -- can this actually be happening this time? It will be about 3 years since starting by the time she comes. I get the catastrophic thoughts every day, but make myself move on. Hoping this constitutes mental health!! lol Thanks for blogging about this.


Thanks for this! After heartbreaking years we are P with adopted embryo but I also developed hematoma. Trying to be positive but so very scared the same time. Praying each day for the happy ending and hematoma to resolve.


I reach 11 weeks tomorrow after embryo adoption and I still am prepared for the worst, basically watching for symptoms of miscarriage while I am at the same time hopeful and also in a state of disbelief. The toll of years of secondary infertility. So different from my first immediate and natural pregnancy. I sadly lost a twin a couple of weeks ago and that brought out the anxiety. All these years of cancelled or failed IVF, one failed adopted embryo transfer, bad news after bad news. Our first good news ever was this positive pregnancy test. Trying to have faith! Thanks for this

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