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September 16, 2015


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I love that Momo was conceived the year you started trying, and she was just there waiting for you for 4 years! I have 2 more embryos that we may or may not use (I have one and one on the way) and it's so weird to think that if we do have a third child, he or she will have been conceived on the same day as the 2nd.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for these comments ladies! Pamela congrats! And ummm...good thing you asked for clarification. WTF!
WBC thanks for the post ideas...I'm about to write now. Finally finding a quiet moment.


Checking back in after a couple months away from your blog and it's always so nice to hear your voice in these posts. Our little ART miracles are so close in age that your descriptions of Momo make me laugh because I know those shark teeth and the rocking back and forth flailing so well. Just as I knew the cycles of hopelessness/hopefulness and the seeming endlessness of "The Journey" so well before. Two things that I hope you write about in the future- 1)if and how you deal with stranger's comments about Momo looking or acting like you or Noah (people say stuff like this to me all the time and although I personally did not adopt either a baby or embryo, I wonder how those who did would feel), and 2) your "recovery" from infertility. The harshness of the feelings have definitely tempered for me, but I am surprised at what triggers a still-painful walk down memory lane. I find that I am still preoccupied by other women being pregnant- maybe because I wonder if I will ever be again. Thanks, and happy 6-month birthday to Momo. :)

Pamela O

I wrote to you a while back about how helpful your blog has been for me as my husband and I have climbed a few extra mountains and forded a few extra streams in search of our (first) little one.

Just today we got our first-ever positive blood pregnancy test. (Yesterday we got our first-ever positive home pregnancy test.) We've still got a long ways to go, and our "baby" is still very much theoretical. I'm not dancing on tables or anything; I know how much can still go wrong. But we're closer than we've ever been, and it's pretty exciting. Trying to take it a day at a time.

Getting our results wasn't without drama, though. If you can believe it, they gave us a blood test result that said "Negative" right where one would expect the result to be. We almost just went home and cried. But then I asked for clarification, and we were told it was positive after all.

Anyway. The crazy things that happen on this "journey"...


A Few Good Eggs

This post resonates with me SO much. When I look at our B, I think about what we went through to get to her and how she IS our baby. It is tough to grapple with since we lost a baby before her, but we wouldn't have B if we didn't lose L. That's tough to reconcile, but I still know that B was meant to be. Anyway, it is complicated and I love your thoughts on this subject.

When Momo is old enough to understand her origins, hopefully she'll understand just how much she was wanted by you both!

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