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October 27, 2015


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I'm 39 and currently stimming for round 5 of ivf. I'm also single. I went to grad school and then
started a career. I never met Mr Right or even Mr close to being Right. I'm keeping the faith that my baby is coming. Hopefully this round! Thanks for sharing so candidly on your blog.

Pamela O

I'm glad I waited for the right guy -- we got married when I was 33 and he was 30. I just wish I hadn't chosen to wait until after the wedding to try to get pregnant. I was diagnosed with a rapidly growing endometrial cyst just a few short months after the wedding.

Two and a half years, two surgeries, one IUI, three IVFs, and one miscarriage later, I can't help but think we could have had a toddler by now if I hadn't had any silly Southern hang-ups about waddling down the aisle! (It was an awesome wedding, though...)

But we're still young in every sense but my ovaries -- I'm almost 36, he's almost 33 -- and there are ways to get around those pesky ovaries. We'll be parents yet, and probably closer and wiser for these years dealing together with things most couples are lucky enough to consider unthinkable.

We all have our own stories, and God only knows what the alternatives would have been if we'd made different choices. (If we had had a kid just after the wedding, my husband probably wouldn't have quit his job and built his freelance career, we wouldn't have spent six months in Istanbul, and so on. Still, I hope it doesn't take another two years for it to happen for us. But this is amazing training in abiding in uncertainty.)

Whitney Parsons

Life is funny. I was searching for something to do with Halloween and your blog came up. I am going through IVF right now after multiple MC. At 42, I am asking myself all of these same questions you have mentioned above. The one positive thing i have found over the last 4 years of trying, are the connections I have made with other women who are going through the same. Its really the sharing that helps all of us find out what options we have and that we are not alone in the experience. I will now follow your blog:) Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best!!


I blamed myself all the way that I waited too long to try to have a baby, because I haven't met the right man until late in life. Now, pregnant with donated embryo, since my biology, due to my age has failed me (stared to try at 39 and after 3 years of failures moved to donated embryo). Despite all this, I feel very greatful to be pregnant and I believe that this is how it supposed to be.


Nice post. It's good the word is getting out that it's better not to wait if possible. My mother didn't have menopause until 56, had my sister at 42 and even accidentally fell pregnant at 46 (lost the baby at 6 mos gestation due to chromosome issue), all this to say I thought 35 was still young and I had a head start getting pregnant at 30! Not true at all, better to try to get pregnant at 30 than 35. (And apparently I did not inherit her fertility as I did terribly on IVF?) Most women have no idea 35 is indeed not "young" for getting pregnant and the number of older women not disclosing they used donor eggs doesn't help. I advise trying to get pregnant as early as possible. Why not career after babies?

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