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November 17, 2015


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In Due Time book

I felt like I was writing this. Well done.


I have to say this embryo adoption pregnancy fills me with awe in a way my pregnancy on the "first try" never did. Sounds like you are seeing the wonder of it all too and really enjoying your daughter


Perfectly said. Thank you!


Great timing, thanks. I've been reading your blog from about the time we started moving from IVF to Embryo Donation. Your posts and the comments from women who have been through it have been immensely helpful.
Today I go for my first "regular OBGYN" appointment. I loved our RE and the whole clinic, and I actually had an anxiety dream last night about the switch. It's good to be reminded of the whole picture. Of course it's best that we are moving on! It still seems unreal that we will get to the scene you just described, but it is looking that way... Thanks for helping me keep my eye on the prize.

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