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December 17, 2015


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IVF Cost India

well written..


We applaud you for your frank and honest look at the fertility industry. Looking forward to the release of your film1


This is such an interesting, and complex, issue. Apart from cases like yours, where DOR struck young, I wonder if, statistically speaking, higher economic status also correlates with needing infertility treatments, because these tend to be the people who have delayed TTC in order to establish their careers. Even so, fertility treatments are financially out of reach for many, many professionals with a great deal of work experience. Like myself. I may have worked for years before trying to start a family, but I never built up any kind of savings. I know I never could have afforded the IVFs that, despite dire DOR, ultimately resulted in my little one if I didn't work in a state that required insurers to cover IVF (thank you RomneyCare!). Even then, if we had tried to go the donor route, it would have been out of pocket, which would have been out of reach.

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