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December 01, 2015


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as there were no cleavage of eggs. u could try more!
have u heard abt IMSI?
two more things to remember next time you try icsi, get enough relaxation.
that will help to improve the sperm head and egg quality.
go to bed early . by 9 pm.
no computer or electromagnetic device , tv. mobile after sunset.
avoid fast food but enjoy butter.no margerine .cook with olive oil.
we had a lady last year who had only two eggs on d first attempt. both fertitilized but were 1 day behind on the 5th day. no pregnancy after ET.
she tried two months later again only two eggs. both reached expanded blastocyst stage.

dr mustaque ahmed.
harvest infertility care
she delivered one boy and one girl last month.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for sharing everyone! It's so true. WE join this club not by choice but by force-- we find each other by necessity, and then we always know how to feel another woman's struggle, relate and connect. I see that as an unintended pro to a list full of cons on IF Island.


Nice post. Sorry about your hearing, what a drag. This has happened to me recently. I had a physical to keep our home study updated (home study required where we do our embryo adoption, I'm OK with that) and noticed when I told the new physician assistant that my pregnancy is from embryo adoption she got flustered. Turns out she has embryos remaining she won't use so I was happy to tell her about embryo donation! Then another day noticed the obgyn sonographer seemed curious about our fertility treatments, and turns out she has stepchildren but her husband had vasectomy and they are considering their options but concerned about IVF cost. Once again I was happy to share about the wonderful option of embryo donation and adoption. If people seem curious I just ask why they want to know and if they or someone close to them have infertility then I share readily and wow, it can remind me what an amazing little movement we are part of, making special babies through embryo adoption! The good thing about years of suffering infertility and failed IVF is it makes you more aware that other people may be suffering something too, and more ready to extend your sympathy.


This is my favorite post you've written. First, I'm sorry about your hearing, Maya! I've been to the ear doctor a few times in my life but it's usually been wax (sorry TMI) that has rendered me partially deaf for days. I hope you get sorted out soon.

It seems that my intuition has sharpened to identify others who have struggled on IF island, too. The other day I was in a foster parent training here in Seattle and when we went around the room giving introductions, I had a sense from some (if they did not state implicitly) who wanted to foster-to-adopt that if they had no current children, they had likely struggled with fertility. I also got pissed off though when about halfway through the room, a woman said she and her husband had a 2 year old and she had just learned that morning that she was pregnant again (whoopee, stranger) and we were the first to know. I don't know her story -- maybe she had struggled with her first ? -- but I still think she was either clueless or totally insensitive to the other people sitting there in the room. A few people later, someone said they had secondary infertility and I also mentioned IF when it was my turn.

Sending a hug. Thank you for blogging!

Lisa (@AmateurNester)

Wow, that really sucks about your ear. So sorry to hear that. I definitely feel like I've developed an IF radar. (And also a radar for older women who may or may not struggle with IF, but don't know because they've never met the right person to try with).


Great post. Been awhile since I've written on here but I'm still reading. :)I think infertility moms are so tuned in to that kind of stuff - mothers who haven't struggled to conceive might likely have been oblivious to what caused the change in that doctor's temperament but you could sense it.
That's kind of why I've been open with people about my journey. I want them to know they can reach out to me. I have a neighbor who is going through her first IVF cycle right now. She'd confided in me when I was pregnant that they were looking into fertility clinics and of course I shared with her what we went through to get to that point. I was walking my daughter through the neighborhood in her wagon last weekend and that neighbor must've seen me - she rushed out of the house to tell me that she had started her shots and we chatted about the process for awhile. I think it gave her so much hope to see me at that time, since I've been through it; and to see my daughter at that moment as a real-life possibility of what can be.


I so feel like I can sense it too. I am perhaps a bit too open in hopes I can reach someone who is struggling quietly. Sorry about your ear- hope it doesn't impact your life to much. Thank you for always being here for all of us.

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