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March 21, 2016


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Don't Count Your Eggs

C!!! Congrats! A strong healthy boy! How amazing. Sending lots of love to you and your family.


Thank you! A 9 pound 11 oz boy delivered with midwife, pitocin, epidural, went quite well considering his size! I'm giving technical details because I just can't even express the emotions of finally having our longed for second child. They've been expressed on this blog anyway. Thank God for embryo donation and adoption!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!
C-- Congrats! I hope all went well and your giant baby is in your arms! I'm just teasing about giant. How the baby gets here is much less important that just getting here and we all wish you the best. Maryann!!! Any day mama! How exciting. Sending love. Lou!! Yay! September....it will be here before you know it! And you get to be P over the hot summer, how fun ;)

Thanks for still following everyone. It's so nice to hear some happy ending stories.


Happy birthday to your special baby! Wow, one year goes fast. I am being induced at 5am tomorrow and I will get an epidural. I had a perfect natural birth - easy really - with my daughter who was conceived naturally, but embryo adoption is different. I am at my due date and the ultrasound says a 10 pound 7 ounce baby! I had a feeling this baby was big. My mother and sisters and I tend to go overdue. My daughter was almost two weeks late. I'm not taking any chances with our embryo adoption baby. Baby is big enough but my body would likely carry on pregnant at least a few days longer; after all baby doesn't have my genes. If I'm going to go medical - pitocin - I'm going medical all the way with epidural. After ivf I'm not afraid of a medical birth even if I prefer natural! Can't wait to find out the gender and the baby's actual size.


Great post as always! So happy for your beautiful girl, heartfelt wishes for her 1st birthday.
Your blog gave me strength for past few years in the painful infertility journey. Your blog gave me also idea of exploring other options, and now, 36 weeks pregnant with donated embryo we are counting seconds to meet our precious, so much loved and awaited girl.


That's gone so quickly, at least to us onlookers! Wonderful picture..And thank you once again for your fabulous blog which has kept so many people sane, knowing it is not just us feeling these things. We are expecting a baby in September after DE IVF, also after 5 years of trying and four IVFs.....you, Noah and Momo have been an inspiration to me not to give up hope of getting a family. Momo is a very special little girl for that reason alone, whether she knows it or not! Happy Birthday!


Oh, she is beautiful, tears come for me to finally catch a glimpse of her, long life dear Momo, and plenty of happiness to your whole family!


Happy birthday Momo!!! What a happy milestone - thank you for sharing with us!


Happiest of Birthdays Momo! We all followed your journey into this world and we are so happy that you have two wonderful parents who love you sooooo much!

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