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March 02, 2016


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Larry Grobel

All I can say, having been on this journey as long as Maya and Noah have, is that 90 minutes isn't enough to fully capture the agony, the struggles, and the incredible bravery and sheer will to keep moving forward, the never-say-never approach to life that is so inspiring and that everyone who is on their own journey toward fulfillment is demonstrating. But I've seen how this documentary has come together and it is a remarkable document. Very proud of the filmmakers. And of my daughter and soninlaw. And for us, as now grandparents, we get to reap what they have sown. Thank you for never, ever, giving up.


So good to have you back!

Everyone said to me when you get that BFP you forget about how long it took to get it. For us, it's still there in the back of our minds. Maybe someday it will seem like a 30 second blip but I understand how you feel looking at the footage and realize it's truly so much more.

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