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May 20, 2016


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Thanks, C and Maya! I appreciate hearing C's experience and I'm so happy to hear your journey to parenthood is alive and real. The blood levels have been good, so the ultrasound is next - will keep you posted!

Don't Count Your Eggs

C! 8 Weeks! Congrats. And Heather, yes...so much luck. Sorry my response is so delayed. Please keep us posted. WE're rooting for you/


Thank you for another good post. For us, embryo adoption was more steeped in love than using an egg donor. Heather, good luck to you, I hope this is it. A year ago we booked a last minute Memorial Day weekend vacation to get away after learning our first adopted embryo did not implant. It was more terrible news after years of the same and we were incredibly sad. Now we have a beautiful 8 week old baby after the second adopted embryo transfer, and we and our daughter are so happy. We went through so much. Heather, I hope your painful journey can end happily too.


Thank you for yet another inspiring post! We are on Day 2 after a donated embryo transfer and so grateful for the chance to create our family this way. Yes, there has been grieving for what we have "lost." And a fair amount of beating myself up about the "what ifs." And we looked at all other options, but this one felt right. We have a therapist helping us learn who we want to tell and when, as well as how to be open with our child. It helps to have the extra support and know there are others out there. Wish us luck! This is our second try after the first embryo miscarried.

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