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June 29, 2016


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Thank you so much for starting this blog, you have no idea how you saved me today. I had just come back from a baseline ultrasound after finding out I have a cyst that put the brakes on our cycle. I was feeling distraught, crying non-stop and just miserable. I googled cyst and IVF and I was so lucky to have found your blog! You wrote a post in 13 or 14 where you said you knew you needed to help other women, if there was anything that were to come out of this and you did it. You helped me.
Thank you.

Pamela O

Yep, the way my husband handles things -- and you all know, these things are way beyond "not easy" -- makes me love him that much more.

And then we hit a deer with our car 1400 miles from home just before my FET was supposed to start. Delay, expense, stress at an already-stressful time. But we figured it all out as calmly as we could (ended up being only a two-day delay to patch it up, plus the time the car's been in the shop back home). And then my FET was delayed anyway, so that kinda worked out? Plus the airport in Istanbul was just bombed (the one I flew in and will fly out of).

It's all a journey, and even people who have kids no sweat have their own unexpected events.

IF is like boot camp, man. We learn to soldier on.


Both my husband and I have grown so much closer during our journeys on IF island. When trying to find something to be grateful in all of this, we always come back to the strength of our relationship. Hope your hubby's healing goes well!


So true, infertility makes you stronger. You can handle anything now

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