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June 02, 2016


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Hello again! I've been wondering (to whomever would like to respond) - as a parent of a child who was a donated embryo, how did you decide whom to tell? This is such a complex issue.


Embryo donation is great and a pretty ideal way to fight infertility. But embryo donation is not the only fertility treatment option that is available today. Depending on various factors such as age, fallopian tube blockage, ectopic pregnancy, severe uterine anomalies, and presence of the anti sperm antibodies that could cause infertility, embryo donation can be a remedy. However some of these causes can also be treated by other ideal options such as egg donation, IVF, and gestational Surrogacy among others. Any person who faces infertility should try talking to their doctor to give them their options in case the one they are gunning for doesn’t work out! I have treated many patients with a number of options that we didn’t quite begin from in my San Diego IVF dispensary.

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