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September 24, 2016


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They split?! Anyway, I think so often about our amazing "embryo adoption baby" because it is so special to me that he was waiting for us to bring him to the world, but for our children we have decided to drop the adoption term. It is too confusing. We will call it donation and focus on the gift and help given us. It feels a bit like adoption yes from our point of view, but for our baby, since we are the only parents he ever had, it is not adoption


The language and nuance part of it all can get frustrating. I had someone tell me, after I shared we are going to be using donor eggs, 'oh so you will be like the baby's step mom' ?!?!?!?! Needless to say this is not someone in my 'inner circle'. I made a decision a while ago that I am going to wear this IF title like a badge of honor and with grace so I am not letting anyone get in my head or convince me I am anything but a strong lady fighting hard. So whenever anyone who has not been in this fight makes comments to me I try to extend benefit of the doubt first then just let it roll off me.

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