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September 28, 2016


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I heard of this on NPR a while back and was interested. You summed it up nicely. I do have to quibble with saying doctors create a baby from scratch. Wish they could but we all know from experience we and the doctors are not in control of whether a baby will be born in the end. For me, it's God's miracle still, even with ART. I have also heard doctors are working on uterus transplants. Can you believe it?!


I am inspired by the science. My comment would be a lot longer but Pamela summed it up nicely :)


More and more people seem to be struggling. A huge percentage of the people I know have had difficulties. And not just because we / they are waiting until a bit later in life -- but also, sure, because of that. I probably would have had no trouble if I'd started at 23 instead of 33. (Of course, when I was 23, I was off seeing the world on a shoestring budget -- something I'd never "take back"!)

Biology is really a pain in the ass. Just when women have finally been given the autonomy to do a million things besides settle down and have kids right out of college -- and we're given a golden chance to grow and explore and mature until we feel so ready and excited to be moms -- biology kicks so many of us in the ass.

I have a feeling in another generation, egg freezing / donation will just be a normal option. It makes sense. Young women are at the peak of their fertility but often don't want kids. Older women are sooooo ready but it's more likely something will go wrong. (In my case apple-sized endometriomas on both ovaries, requiring both to be sliced and diced in surgery.)

It just seems like the logical next step. But interesting how our whole conception of "family trees" and whatnot will have to be modified if it becomes normalized.

I'm fine with it -- genetics are less than half the story in my mind -- but it's interesting to think about. It's also interesting watching shows like Game of Thrones based on old-fashioned obsessions with "blood lines," etc. How things change in a few hundred years!

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