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October 28, 2016


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My DH and I decided to go abroad after multiple failed fertility treatments. We chose clinic in Eastern Europe. We didn't expect to get pregnant after the first attempt. We put enough money aside. For the last we even used our credit card. At the same time I understand we couldn't afford de ivf if we'd stay here. I had a feeling it was worth it. My case was kinda complicated. Issue is tubal. The clinic uses fresh eggs. Also it has high success rates. Finally I'm pregnant with my miracle baby! The struggle is over. I'm 7 months pregnant and I feel great. By the way I'm 39.


You all know more about your donors than us.. If I were to attempt a search, I would type, egg donor, 28, likes Deaf Leopard. We know less about the male.. It is so interesting to me the phases I am going through with my thoughts on this. I have always hoped that our little guy will have the option of reaching out when he's 18, but in the beggining I wanted to put them out of my head. The more I fall in love with this guy, the more I realize, they must be pretty great. Of course, also, they gave us the most unbelievable gift. We are so thrilled with the way things worked out. He fits so well with us. My only concern is that he stays a happy person, that he is glad that we brought him into this world, with us. That we can be wise with the timing and how we explain.. Again, yes to the ED support group!


Our son was born thanks to embryo donation and our donor family in turn created embryos thanks to egg donation. Our embryo donation is open and the egg donation was anonymous. However I easily found out the last name of our egg donor with an internet search. The agency she worked with noted first name, high school and dob...easy. For now my plan is to share her last name with our son when he is 18 if he is interested. I found a little bit about her online. She reminds me of one of my sisters. I don't think she has children yet although she is now over 30. I wonder if she would want to be contacted and what she would think about two families having children thanks to her donation. (Three children total...so far...there are several healthy embryos remaining.) For now I think it's best we wait til our son is 18 since she did agree to anonymous donation. Our son looks like her but she doesn't even know he exists. That's just the way it is, I guess the way it was meant to be

Pamela O

It's looking more and more likely this will be our path as well. A lot to think about. But more importantly (I like to think)... a child to love. Hey, the more deeply loved, wanted people on earth the better, right?

I also think sometimes about any kids that resulted from my egg donations, and I imagine meeting them some day. It's not an obsession or anything, just a cool thought. Obviously I am NOT in any way shape or form a parent to those kids. But nice to think of myself as a fond distant relative.

To be honest, the anonymity of the whole thing is strange to me. It's all just amazing, and in the interest of creating loving families out of building blocks that otherwise aren't being used anyway. Why shouldn't it just be normalized? I have a feeling in the coming years it will be much more normalized, with donors similar to spare godparents without any responsibilities -- but hey, if you run into the kid, or they have questions, or you feel like sending them some cool stickers, why not?


I came across a children's book titled 'Umbrella' by Taro Yashima. The main character's name is Momo. I know that's not your daughter's real name but it made me think of your little family :-) It's a sweet little Caldecott Honor book.

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