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November 30, 2016


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Pamela O

For the first time in years we are feeling hopeful instead of depressed this holiday season. We signed up for double-donor embryo donation at a clinic that boasts a 90% success rate with up to three tries.

It's not fun or easy giving up on both of our genetics (my husband is so sweet and handsome!), but for us we just want off this damn ride. It has just killed our joy for too. And we feel confident 2017 will be our year.

Which is not easy after thinking that year after year after year... But it's hard to argue with 90%. There's a great Facebook network of women who've had success cheering the "next generation" on, and it finally all feels really hopeful -- hopeful enough that I've been freaking myself out all day trying to figure out how we're going to afford insurance if we have twins next year!

Your blog post is wise, and so much easier to see in retrospect than to feel when you're stuck in the middle of it. But here's hoping. For all of us.


I am not usually into saving quotes etc, but I came across this quote this morning on my desk. It is fitting in my role as an oncology nurse but I think also fitting for an infertility journey as well.....
The way is long-let us go together
The way is difficult-let us help each other
The way is joyful-let us share it
The way is ours alone-let us go in love
The way grows before us- let us begin
-Joyce Hunter


Thanks Jojo :) I've just seen you have a blog too. I will have a read on the weekend. So nice to discover other people to chat about this with xx


Yes and yes! I am constantly telling myself this. Ps-Bec-- I just embarked on the donor egg path and every step along the way seems filled with hope and just feels right. Just wanted to let you know that this path can be totally ok- even great. Xoxo


Thank you. Exactly what I needed this morning. Your story is so very similar to mine and I am on my way to blood tests this morning which will be my make or break decision point to using donor eggs. Wish me luck! Ps. I love your blog

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