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February 17, 2017


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I was so sad to read this post. I'm so sorry you had to experience miscarriage. It is awful. Before I experienced it myself, I didn't understand how heartbreaking it is, how devastating. No one should have to go through this. Sending lots of love your way. Be good to yourself.


Oh Maya,
I am so sorry to read this. What a shit show journey and having to add to it is just awful. I hope you 3 are doing ok. Hugs all around. Sending love to you all from Canada.


I'm so very sorry. I escaped IF island 21 months ago with the birth of my daughter, but I still check your blog on occasion. Reading this broke my heart. I wondered if at some point you'd add to your family, and I'm sorry to hear you had such an exciting high followed by such a devastating low.

Your blog made me feel so much less alone when I was going through the darkest years of my life. I hope you know now that you are not alone. I am rooting for you guys.

Carla Muller

Wow. I'm so sorry! What a rollercoaster. There is always hope of being that crazy natural pregnancy story. How many stories did I hear of couples adopting and then getting pregnant naturally as if one should adopt in the hopes of that outcome! You have been through a lot! And only one month ago. It's terribly sad
I'm so impressed you chose not to do a genetic test. I don't claim to know what's best, every one and every situation is different, but it just seems like the strong, better choice in your situation. Sometimes it's healthier not to know.
That photo is so meaningful. I remember after transferring three embryos, driving home after the first blood test - I never did home pregnancy tests- I saw three deer near the road turn and run off into the woods together. It is seared in my memory as strongly as the first sight of my children at birth. It was a sign, none of the three embryos had implanted. And it was sadly true I learned hours later.
I like what you said about things happening for reasons- or not. I think one should never tell another things happen for a reason in the midst of their pain. It's not comforting. So true sometimes things just happen and you have to sit with the feelings. And yet it seems that, years later, I always tend to think things did happen for a reason, once I see how life unfolded.
I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage

Mel. B.

So sorry to hear about this. Sending you hugs from Montreal.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for all the love and support everyone. It means a lot.


I am so, so sorry. Glad that you got to experience the unexpected joy, mad as hell that you had to experience the rest. It sounds like you're doing a really good job not taking it personally as a cruel twist from the universe.

I so hear you on the desire to have a do-over pregnancy. All bliss, no problems. I'm drawn to this dream as well. Like I'll be cured of infertility if I could just have a successful spontaneous pregnancy. I find myself yearning for this even though we do not want another child. At all. We have our one miracle, and that's all we want/can support. I realize this desire is really about wanting to be able to go back in time and experience our pregnancy with our amazing toddler without the years of heartbreak, medical interventions, and then post-traumatic stress that kept us from fully enjoying the pregnancy.

Good luck with the self-care and the sibling quest! I hope you do have a successful, blissful, fear-free pregnancy starting this summer.


I am so sorry, bless you for the bravery it takes to share stories of loss.

Kristie Lawry

I'm thinking of you both ❤

dubliner in deutschland

I'm so sorry. It must have been so amazing to be able to get pregnant naturally after everything and then just heartbreaking to lose the baby at 10 weeks. Thinking of you


I really appreciate you sharing this most vulnerable experience with us. I felt the excitement for you too, and the huge shock and disappointment of seeing it all fade away. I can completely understand not getting the embryonic tissue tested. Even when I had mine tested, it was inconclusive - and they said that was typical. This experience was truly a gift, since it crystallized your next steps. Sending lots of love to you and your family as you process this loss.

Michelle H

Oh I am so sorry. My heart raced at the beginning of your post, and then crashed with you. What a beautifully sad picture to always have of your precious little baby. Again, I'm so sorry.


Bless you, Maya! Thank you for sharing, and I pray you'll continue to be at peace with the unexpected circumstance. Your blog and sharing your journey has been such a consolation for me. I've been in your exact shoes.....I hope your heartache heals quickly.


I'm so sorry Maya. My heart goes out to you and your family.


Oh my, goodness, Maya. I am so very sorry to hear this. On Valentine's Day of all days. My thoughts are with you. Sending love and hugs your way.


I am so deeply sorry Maya to hear about the loss. It is so unfair - my heart goes out to you!
As someone who miscarried my genetically related baby I know it hurts on so many levels. You helped so many of us with your blog and with your honesty! Please take good care of yourself. Sending love.

Ashley Kimble

I'm so sorry to hear this. Life is so confusing sometimes.Sending hugs your way.

Pamela O

So very sorry to hear of your loss. It is crazy how the universe gives (sometimes very sparingly!) and then takes away. You are so lucky to have your little one, but that doesn't take away this loss. At least people who've been through what we've been through know how to weather these times and pick up and continue on after taking the time to grieve.

And definitely, a big yes to taking good care of yourself! xxx


Oh my goodness what a ride. I am so sorry for that loss of your miracle pregnancy. I am profoundly honored you share this whole journey with us. I know your blog has helped so many women not feel alone. I miscarried our last chance at a genetic child recently and it is hard on so many levels but I also know in my soul that our next baby will be meant for us. Thinking of you.


Maya, as always I really am grateful for your honesty, and want to let you know I'm sending you a virtual hug. This is unfair, life is unfair, but it doesn't make this any easier.


I'm so sorry to hear this.

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