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March 15, 2017


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OMG yas. I relate to all of this. Swinging by to see how you were doing and find that we are in the same place right now. I totally relate to all of this. Kepp on keeping on ... I only stuffed one string cheese in my face today. So like, baby steps. We got this!


It sounds like you really have a handle on what you need to do to eat clean, which is great. For me I feel like if I eliminated dairy and meat and carbs and sugar I'd be left with nothing to eat. That's definitely a knock on me and not on you - I honestly don't know what clean eating really is 😂. But I can say that before this current cycle (I did a frozen embryo transfer on Friday) I lost all my pre-baby weight through good ol' Weight Watchers and PiYo (one of those Beachbody programs - I really like it because it's a great workout and super easy on my back/knees/aching body part of the day).
As far as cutting off caffeine that sadly has to be a slowly but surely thing for me. On transfer day when I was discharged the recommendation of course was to refrain from alcohol and caffeine. So I struggled with a super intense headache for a few days until this morning when I guiltily drank some coffee because I felt like my head was going to explode and I couldn't function. I now feel equal parts guilty because I had the caffeine and relieved because my head doesn't feel like it's in a vise anymore. .


Eating clean is so important. Looking forward to starting that too! I definitely think it helps to have a buddy doing it with you whether it is your partner, friend or even another blogger.


This made me laugh. It is so hard to eat right in our fast-paced culture! We have two children, one from a miracle natural pregnancy and then one from embryo donation after a five year struggle and guess what - there is a good chance conception for both occurred on the same exact day. When I saw the IVF dates as we were choosing embryo donors I couldn't believe it!

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