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September 19, 2017


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Check out Northridge Plaza Pharmacy for meds...I remember them being reasonably priced.


I totally know what you are going through. We transferred our one and ONLY frozen embryo in August when our son was 17 months old. I too had to dig back in the long lost, locked up part of my brain to remember where I purchased meds from, what I could get from kaiser through insurance and what I had to purchase out of pocket from the fertility pharmacy...this was our first FET though and it was so much easier than a full IVF cycle (as I know you are well aware) - still felt strange to only have a couple appointments to check on lining before transfer...anyways, we did the transfer and then the waiting. I caved and did 2 HPTs though, even one the day before beta - all BFN, total BFN. So imagine my surprise while driving home from a tailgate (where I had a beer) to get the call that I was PG. Really? Well, here I am almost 11 weeks but still can't get too excited because going through infertility is hard, and you always think the worst! Anyways, praying all the genetic tests come out good (we didn't do any testing on our embryo), and that I can relax a bit. Praying and rooting for you Maya!!!

Advanced Fertility Center of Texas

To begin with, undegoing normal pregnancy is difficult enough, so much more in your situation. We wish you all the luck and success for your second preganancy! Having a child is a true blessing indeed.

We also have resources on infertility and fertility wellness. For those who would like to learn more, you may visit our resource center at this link: http://www.infertilityanswers.com


Wishing you luck and peace when possible!

Pamela O

So exciting... and so much craziness. Gosh, I don't know how any of us get through all this. I'm so glad you have Momo to keep you company through this round! If this current pregnancy works out, I have a feeling it'll make the sibling round sting just a little less. But nothing can come close to taking the intensity out of it entirely. It's an inherently intense undertaking.

As far as meds, I assume you know about GoodRX? It's basically a miracle website. You type in the type of medication you need, and it produces a list of the places in your area that carries it along with prices and often huge discounts if you use their coupon -- often it's even cheaper than using insurance. And it's free. I saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars this way. It was like having a little army of gnomes working for me.

Wishing you so much luck and love!

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