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January 15, 2018


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A million thank yous to you and Noah for making your documentary. As soon as I saw you find out you had DOR I felt instantly connected...I do as well. Your willingness to share such raw emotion and explain your journey to the world is incredible. I am so happy you have your beautiful girl now. I wish this movie was around when I was in the thick of my journey. I was desperate to find others who knew what it was like to have recurrent miscarriage, shitty eggs, and/or a uterine anomaly. Someone who could understand even a part of my diagnosis and journey. I found a community of bloggers that understand (wish I found your blog earlier too). I wish you all the best wherever your journey takes you next. Sending love.


So happy you made it to Nerflix! I watched on amazon as we got ready for our first round of IVF after 4+ years. Thank you for sharing your heart & would with the world and for giving couples like us something to relate too xox Congratulations on a great success!

Don't Count Your Eggs

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to everyone that watched and connected to this film. We are so grateful to this community and so happy to be able to shed some light about the dark world of infertility. M&N

Courtney Andress

5 minutes into this documentary and I started bawling. It was the evening after our first failed IVF cycle. When I learned you also had DOR, it was like a release and I was instantly connected with you. Thank you for this film. Thank you for being a light.


Loved your film. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with donor eggs and dh sperm. I went to cny fertility, the do offer affordable art programs, forever grateful for them


My husband and I absolutely loved your film. We could not believe how much we could relate to it.
We are in our 4th year of trying to conceive and after many failed fertility treatments and IVF rounds, we may have finally found our answer. We will begin our IVF journey again soon but will have to undergo 'Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis' in hopes that we will finally conceive.
Your film has helped us realise that there is nothing that will stop us from having our family.

Thank you from Australia.


Hi Maya
Thanks so much for making this film. We related so much... we have multiple issues but the biggest and hardest to solve is thin lining. We started our first cycle at the same time as you - Nov 2012. What I liked about the movie was the openness and the reality of the situation, physically, emotionally and financially. I also liked that the stress of the process brought both of you closer together (like it did for us) whereas it usually causes tension and often times couples split. This will help a lot of couples struggling with infertility. After 15 IVF cycles, 2 miscarriages, 1 ectopic pregnancy (that was the worst!!) this will always be a part of who we are. We now have two boys (3.5 and 9 months) and we are going to try our frozen embryo(s) so that we can maybe be lucky enough to have a third. We'll see. In the meantime I feel like I need to change my career to dedicate my time to helping others with infertility. So far I have helped friends, but would love to expand my reach...thanks again :).


I was so tired yesterday, laid down to take a nap, but then came across your movie on Netflix and needless to say, I didn't nap. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your journey. I too, like so many others, laughed and cried with you. I said a little prayer in my head each time you waited for any result, I crossed my fingers and toes. I interrupted a pee break when you went for the second ultrasound during your pregnancy. Thank you for being so vulnerable and open during a process that is truly heartbreaking and has so many ups and downs, it can be a real mind f*ck. Knowing that others are going through it too doesn't particularly make it easier, because as I felt with you, I hated watching you go through it, but it is helpful to not feel alone. We haven't gone through IUI or IVF. We are in very early stages of trying ovulation induction medication, but have still felt so many of the same emotions. I finished your movie and saw another pregnancy announcement on Facebook. It's hard. So many emotions. Thank you so much for opening the discussion!!


Hi, thank you for your wonderful film. My husband and I both watched last night (in Australia) and cried and laughed throughout. So many times I said 'I remember that feeling.' The quote by the lady who adopted 'I'll always be a little bit broken' also rang true. We are now blessed with 2 beautiful little girls and I'm so very very grateful. We are getting ready for a final frozen transfer to see if we will be blessed by 3. I feel a bit greedy and ashamed for trying for 3... I know I'm lucky already. I've asked my family and close friends to watch as insight into what infertility is like.
Thank you again. I hope your film is recognised internationally for its brilliance!


Maya- I laugh cried through about 80 percent of this movie because it hits so close to home. The pain and anguish but actually mostly the love and humor you and your husband have. It reminded me so much of my husband and I and was like watching my silver lining of this hell play out on screen. That kind of love and partnership I think is all too rare in Infertility and such a gift. You two together are just a beautiful beautiful love story. The part where he said ‘if you are broken we are broken’ was my favorite part. Thank you for sharing with all of us.


My husband and I watched your documentary last night (in Aus)! you had us both in tears. Thank you for showing a side of intertility that is honest and raw. We have endured two years of pain and heartache and are yet to have our rainbow baby. i felt your nerves everytime you waited for that call from the clinic. We have been there and I know how nerve wrecking and painful it is. Thank you for having the guts to share such your journey.


I stumbled upon One Last Shot by accident on Netflix a couple of days ago, and convinced myself to watch it tonight. It was every bit of the gritty underside of trying to conceive that no one wants to talk about, as well as the sweetest high notes. The money discussions, the endless hours of questioning and googling (even though it only creates more questions-we know this and do it anyway), buying ovulation kits abd pregnancy tests, and the crush of deepest despair when the tests reveal nothing. After eveything you tried, you still get nothing. Thank you to you and your husband for reminding me that my wife and I aren’t crazy, maybe a tiny bit obsessed (I am-I have dreamed of having babies since a very young age, and if this works eventually I will be carrying), and that even though the rest of the world may not understand, we are not alone. That’s a candle of hope in the middle of a very dark reality that we find ourselves in.


Loved, loved, loved your documentary!! (Just found it on Netflix) Like another commenter said, I was so emotionally invested in your story right from the start. I haven’t experienced infertility, but realize that I could and I’m just so thankful that you two were brave enough to share your journey as it unfolded. Your story and struggle and hope and love speaks volumes to anyone - infertility or not. Thanks again for your great work!! A fan from Minnesota :)


My husband and I saw your film on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. It was SO WELL DONE! We could relate to so much of what you went through, and really appreciated the moments of humor you and your husband brought along for the ride. It reminded us of those moments of just having to laugh about the situation at times. In addition, we appreciated hearing other stories to round out the different ways of becoming and being a family. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing the film out into the world.


I loved the documentary also. I went to donor embryos right away because I was in full menopause when I start ttc. Are you going to try donor embryos again? Is there one more embryo left from your daughter's donor embryo batch?

I have two kids from different donor embryo batches. I had my kids at 42 and 46. Best of luck to you.


Emma Yager

My husband and I are going to the doctor today as I found out to be POSITIVE yesterday. I am in tears as I write these words. I am 46 and I am finally going to be a mother. After 7 years of endless trying, I decided to take one last chance and get Lisa's Pregnacy Miracle plan. You can check it out here: https://goo.gl/D9MPsG

I think it's the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would suggest it to each and every woman trying to get pregnant.


I want to thank you for your willingness to be so vulnerable and raw in front of the camera at admittedly one of the most tender times in your lives. This is a journey and a story that really needs to be told. Our daughter sent us the link to your video on Netflix, She and her husband will be starting the IVF process this coming month and she wants us to be as informed as possible. Your film was excellent at not just explaining all of the science and technology that goes into IVF, but the rollercoaster of emotional gut wrenching pain as well as the peak of joy birthing your own child. Well done!!!


Watched your film. Truly identified. This needed to be produced and you and your team did such an amazing job. We laughed and I did cry a lot. It just hit the all the emotions as we can relate oh so well, and we are only half way compared to your journey. Congrats again on this project, I hope it breaks the wall on talking about infertility and hope people stop telling us to “just relax” or that “we are obsessed “ or “god has better plans” etc. High Five and hugs

Rebecca Addison

Hi Maya

I just finished watching your film on Netflix (in Australia) and I wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful movie. I don't think I've been this emotionally invested in a story in years. I had butterflies every time you waited for a phone call, I cried when you thought your test was negative, then REALLY cried when Mika came into the world. I wish you all the very best with baby #2 and thank you for sharing your story with the world.


Just a Netflix stranger who just watched your film. So relatable! Especially how it doesn't always work the first time, tests aren't always clear, and pregnancy doesn't instantly make it all better (and comes with it's own set of messed up curveballs). Good luck with #2!


I loved it! It brought back so many memories. Especially since we apparently used the same doctor, anesthesiologist AND acupuncturist! After 90K+ spent, 1 IUI, 3 own egg IVFs (with nothing ever to freeze) and finally a donor egg IVF, my twin boys just turned 2. I wouldn't change a thing and I'm so grateful we were able to afford to do what we had to in order to get them here. I was definitely meant to be their mom. We are currently in the process of donating one of our frozen embryos. :-)


My husband and I watched this weekend on netflix! Great job.


Loved your documenarty, so compelling and raw. You two are very relateable, I wish more people were out there talking about these struggles and issues. I cried through the whole thing, so heartbroken and happy for your family.

Pamela O

Just finished watching on Netflix. Thank you so much for making this film and sharing it with the world. It's a beautiful testament to what so many of us go through to get to our children. I shared it on Facebook, both publicly and in the secret California Conceptions donor embryo group.

I'm 30 weeks with our donor embryo boy. To say we can't wait to meet him is such a vast understatement...

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