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March 03, 2018


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Oh I hope that little one is growing and thriving!


Dear Maya,
I’ve always meant to write to you. When we were trying desperately to conceive our now 3–year-old son, and for the whole of my pregnancy with him, I would look almost daily at your blog. For a few moments I’d forget to hold my breath and I would just read and let tears stream down. They’re falling near the same way now, and I’m this far out of the game. So I’ve always meant to tell you how much respect and admiration I have for you for taking the time and having the heart to share yourself and your story- and for holding so many others up and validating theirs along the way. I’ve been happy for more than 3 years now, but I still peek in on your blog every so often, mostly to find out if Momo’s brother or sister is coming, but also because I believe what you continue do is beyond important. You and Noah are very much in my thoughts these next days into weeks. x


Maya- I hope so much this embryo is sticking. Thinking of you all with love.


I hope in 5 days you get to see a positive! Praying for you and your family ❤️ I LOVED the documentary and cried a few times. You are amazing Maya! Do you have an public Instagram account you post to? I’d love to follow your journey. I have a mommy instagram I use to follow all kinds of inspiration and everyday moms and women ttc or going through ivf. Only 5 more days!

Don't Count Your Eggs

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!! I'll answer what I can here:
-- Hi Dee-- progesterone shots are just the clinics protocol. And estrogen shots. My booty looks...and feels...ridiculously itchy and lumpy already but it worked for Momo so I'll gladly do it again.
--FIngers crossed for you too Lianne!!!
Thank you so much Heather and Jen and everyone.


Thinking and praying for you- you deserve this and have and are more than enough. You're thought patterns are identical to mine and no doubt many others on the ivf rollercoaster. Been through 13 cycles incuding donor and still waiting on our rainbow after all of this, we go back for literally our own last shot in next two months, another and last donor cycle. We're broke financially, physically and mentally. We've downloaded and watched your documentary with tears in our eyes and it gave me back some of the hope I'd lost and much needed perspective on genetics and what family really is. Your parents are amazing btw. Can I ask why progesterone in shot form ?

Lianne O

Hello Maya, I stayed up late last night watching your documentary on Netflix. My husband and I are TTC our second. While I have never experienced infertility, I am beginning my two-week-wait (i think) and I wanted to gain some perspective and patience. I don't know what my cycle is like because I got off of my IUD about 3.5 weeks ago so I feel a little in the dark with no period. Anyhow, your movie really helped me. I laughed a lot and cried a lot. Although my measly two week wait seems so insignificant compared to your 4 year wait, it still helped me.
I admire the love between you and Noah. You laugh and joke together. You cry together. I loved his response when he said, "you're not broken. we're broken." I'm not sure all husbands would have stuck by their wives through all that you've been through. It's amazing and inspiring.
I'm a deputy attorney general in Hawaii and I do child abuse and neglect cases. I know what you mean when you say that people on meth get pregnant so easily. I do zero to three court for babies in CPS cases. SO many relatives/friends of mine have done IVF, doctors, lawyers, etc. All the while I go to work trying to protect children from parents who cannot care for their children and might be on their 5th or 9th child.
I'm so happy to see that you have a blog. I will definitely be checking and following to see if you get a positive test! I test next Friday on 3/16, so we're pretty close. Crossing my fingers for you from Hawaii! - Lianne

p.s. your daughter Momo the cutest! It's so neat that you are going back for her sibling embryo!

Pamela O

On our fourth and (finally) successful transfer (now 37 weeks with our boy!), I also finally felt chill and just kind of happy and ready and positive. It was such a nice change. Feeling positive for you four as well. :) You know now that you and your body can do it, and here's hoping for fair winds and following seas.


I love that you were able to allow this time to “be different.” To be with it in a whole new way. Sending positivity your way for a positive test!


I have everything crossed for you Maya and will be keeping a close eye on your blog in the coming weeks. It feels like an eternity since we went through the IVF process, even though it was only 15 months ago. Reading your blog post from the other day brings all my emotions back; the irrational thoughts, the obsessive googling. Why do we do it to ourselves?!
From today's post it sounds as though you are in the right place and you have done everything you can. I really really hope the 12th brings you good news. With love and best wishes from England x

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